Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 42 Unlocking the potential of the client-agency partnership in healthcare communications Based along the South Coast, Fox&Cat is an awardwinning healthcare communications consultancy known for helping blue-chip to start-up brands create and deliver high-value health campaigns and programmes, efficiently and effectively. To achieve this, the company has pioneered a new planning framework called ADAPTTM which guides the development of award-winning programmes, whilst identifying cost-effective, resource-efficient, and stressminimised routes of delivery. It is for high-value innovation that we have bestowed on Fox&Cat this year’s award for Best Healthcare Communications Agency - South East England. Healthcare is undergoing a major reset in the UK. This has meant an exceptional level of change for those working in healthcare communications at a time where 8 in 10 people are experiencing significant levels of stress. Despite this, clients’ needs for communications continue to increase while their teams are generally shrinking in size, seniority, and resources. Responding to this, Fox&Cat co-created a new planning and delivery framework alongside clients, procurement leads, a behaviour change expert, wellbeing experts, and coaching specialists. Using its planning and partnership model, ADAPT™, Fox&Cat is able to tailor its services to meet each client’s unique set up, ensuring that capacity and resource are not barriers to success. What this means is that the agency can create proposals that are both award-win worthy, budget and resource efficient, and lower in terms of the human cost in delivery than traditional, hierarchical agencies. “Deliver Clever, Stronger Together” ADAPT™ perfectly embodies Fox&Cat’s new proposition, “Deliver Clever, Stronger Together”. “Deliver Clever” represents the agency’s senior consultant business model, agile and flexible working patterns, and global networked model. Fox&Cat operates a senior global freelancer network model (70 members) enabling it to tap into the exact experience and skills needed to deliver work efficiently and effectively first time. The lean model avoids a top-heavy structure and passes considerable savings onto its clients, while maintaining healthy profits for reinvestment and growth. “Stronger Together” is about the relationship it holds with clients, network, and partners, and is a key differential for the agency, which parallels the importance of the relationship with the work it delivers. Following a Team Coaching session with clients to agree working styles and patterns, clients and the agency team sign a joined manifesto for ways of working that ensure team happiness and productivity remain high at all times. Paul Hutchings, Founder of Fox&Cat, says, “Fox&Cat has been actively using ADAPT™ and our new business model for the past six months, achieving 97% and 90% satisfaction from our clients and network respectively. Clients have praised us for delivering work on time and to scope, providing excellent strategic counsel, providing work in a way that clients want and need, being the right team for the brief, and reducing the stress clients would have felt without Fox&Cat’s unique approach.” Michael Ho, Franchise Manager from Consilient Health says, “I can’t thank Fox&Cat enough for their support. They were a great fit to our team, understanding our needs and the way we work, to deliver excellent results under extreme time pressures.” Focus on AI healthcare in the UK Given the major environmental and situational challenges affecting the healthcare industry, AI has potential to transform the healthcare landscape and enhance the efficiency of healthcare systems. AI algorithms can analyse medical images, such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, to help healthcare professionals more accurately diagnose diseases and identify abnormalities. Over the past 18 months, Fox&Cat has been working on several projects that leverage the power of AI to further support its client base. Across its portfolio, the agency has been focused on utilising AI to address the lack of availability and access to healthcare services, the new generation’s healthcare requirements, disparities in health outcomes across different socioeconomic groups and UK regions, and the quality of healthcare infrastructure. Addressing these issues requires a thorough approach with healthcare communications agencies needing to be proficient across multiple sectors. Being a purpose-led company, Fox&Cat launched Under the Tree, its flagship ESG campaign, which has thus far helped 4,631 people working in communications with 90% reporting that it helped them manage their response to stress. Through Under the Tree, the agency has launched several transformative ESG campaigns focused on menopause, neurodiversity, and mental wellbeing. Fox&Cat invested 50% of its 2023 profits into pro bono work. Fox&Cat works with a wide range of businesses and organisations across pharmaceuticals and life sciences, biotech, charities and NGOs, NHS, government, and many more. Recognised in this year’s Business Elite Awards, Fox&Cat’s unique model is specifically built to support healthcare clients who are currently facing increasing pressures to produce highly effective outcomes. Through ADAPT™, the agency has created a strong model that leverages their collective experience and skills to create high-value healthcare communications that align with clients’ business needs. For its innovative approach, we have bestowed on Fox&Cat this year’s award for Best Healthcare Communications Agency - South East England. Contact: Paul Hutchings Company: Fox&Cat Web Address: https://foxandcat.co.uk LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/foxandcat-online