Q2 2024

Metaverse VR Ltd is driven by the aim of truly revolutionising training through the power of virtual reality, creating and delivering immersive experiences that transform the way customers think and behave. By leveraging a mindset of curiosity and learning, as well as traits such as ingenuity, honesty, and balance, the team behind these awardwinning virtual solutions are changing the game, not only pushing boundaries but creating new ones altogether. For its ongoing efforts, the company has been named as the Most Innovative Virtual Training Design Company 2024 - South-Central England. Virtual Training Solutions that Change the Game The immersive digital training services provided by Metaverse VR Ltd are done so for the benefit of both the public and private sectors, highlighting the end-to-end capabilities of the company’s trusted and pioneering solutions. With a team of talented artists and 3D modellers at its disposal, Metaverse VR is constantly crafting innovative new models and environments that it delivers to a grateful customer base spanning a variety of different industries. Beyond just virtual reality, the business also specialises in augmented and mixed reality solutions. Whilst there have been many notable projects undertaken by the company since it was established in 2021, one particular standout has been its securing of a contract to provide a comprehensive VR solution to the Royal Navy, which will be used for training recruits ahead of their deployment in submarines. Through modernising training of this calibre, the aim is to improve the overall educational experience demonstrably, with more realistic simulations carried out that will hopefully lead to a better outcome for those sailors in the line of duty. This is but one element of the Royal Navy’s robust 12-year training programme, titled “Project Selborne”, of which Metaverse VR has been placed in charge of the interactive 3D walkthrough training system, or i3DWT, component. In order to achieve the requirements laid out in this highly sought-after contract, the company has worked closely with the Royal Navy to build an immersive and innovative solution that is fully flexible, empowering sailors to train whenever they need and wherever they may be. One of the highlights of this i3DWT is its freeplay mode, which allows the user to navigate the platform and explore the landscape, interacting with anything they find that has an animation, without menus or instructions breaking the illusion. Then there is the purpose-built training mode, which is inclusive of everything from the necessary drills to the activities and processes one can find on the vessels themselves, including emergency drills which can be carried out entirely in VR, and overseen externally to ensure correct procedure is followed. On the back of the stellar work that the team have carried out relating to this project, Toby announces that Metaverse VR has signed up for the Armed Forces Covenant and has already succeeded in reaching the bronze level. As she explains, “some of our core values are honesty and accountability, so it’s fundamental for us to support the defence community in all that we do. We will continually strengthen our ability to support the community and will be working on furthering these aims to achieve silver before too long!” It is clear that working so closely with the defence sector is incredibly important for those at Metaverse VR, and this project undoubtedly stands as its crowning accomplishment in its short journey so far, with many more sure to follow. Beyond just the defence industry, this team also specialise in the areas of consultancy, extended reality, modelling/ simulation, and research and development. With technology always advancing, and by covering all possible bases, this team are well prepared to continue to trailblaze in this space for decades to come. From the battlefield to the boardroom, the virtual, augmented, and mixed reality training solutions on offer from this team are remarkable and ultimately representative of what the future of education and learning could very well look like. With all of this in mind, it is only fitting that Metaverse VR Ltd should be named as the Most Innovative Virtual Training Design Company 2024 - South-Central England. We truly cannot wait to see what groundbreaking feat will come next for this team, as the possibilities are endless. Contact: Toby Everitt (CEO) Company: Metaverse VR Ltd Web Address: https://metaverse-vr.co.uk/