Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 44 Revolutionising Access to ADHD and Autism Services For the past several years now, there has been a sharp increase in people across the UK being diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders, and it is clear more needs to be done for individuals showing the signs to get them the support that they need to thrive. It is the aim of ADHD Direct Ltd to do just this, providing individuals, their families, and other like-minded agencies with a stellar service, all whilst continuing to raise awareness of ADHD and autism. As a result of these ongoing efforts, we are proud to name ADHD Direct as the Leading ADHD & Autism Diagnosis Clinic 2024 – Scotland. From its clinic in the heart of Glasgow, ADHD Direct leverages more than three decades of experience on the frontline of clinical practice to cater to the diverse needs of people with ADHD and autism. At the heart of the clinic is a multidisciplinary team who provide a number of services that have been expertly designed to help a person through every stage of their life, from the initial diagnosis right through to prescribing any treatments that can help to manage the disorder, ensuring that these individuals reach their maximum potential. In essence, as the company’s own Genevieve Jagger puts it, “our aim is to help patients achieve the results in life that they deserve so that they may become the best version of themself.” This is attained through a patientcentric healthcare approach that is carried out in a calm, comforting environment, where any adjustments necessary can be made to support a patient holistically. Cost is another key factor here, as this is a concern for many people across the UK. It is for this reason that financial accessibility is a cornerstone of the clinic. Just some of the services on offer that ADHD Direct are the most proud of include private assessments, coaching, and medication, all of which involve the managing of ADHD. An exemplary team of highly trained and experienced assessors are on hand throughout the early stages of this process, with these individuals responsible for the carrying out of the clinic’s signature, robust assessment process, which encompasses previous medical records as well as the results of tests the team carry out themselves to guarantee an accurate diagnosis. Once an assessment has been completed, and if an ADHD diagnosis is made, a number of treatment options will then be discussed, with these ranging from coaching through to a variety of medication. In the case of children, a school-based intervention is often recommended, seamlessly guiding the child through what can be a life-changing diagnosis, but ultimately one that will result in them getting the support that they need, something only made possible through the work of great institutions like ADHD Direct. A particularly notable project that Genevieve draws attention to was developed and is headed up by CEO/Clinical Lead Gordon Brown. This ADHD parent/carer training programme, named Parents In Control (Parents INC), has been specifically developed with primary school children in mind, consisting of 12 hours of content spread across six comprehensive but digestible two-hour sessions that Gordon hosts virtually. Through this offering, parents can better understand their child’s ADHD and contribute positively to their development. It would be remiss not to mention the stellar ADHD coaching service that ADHD Direct runs for patients seeking to manage their symptoms on a day-to-day basis, with this effective tool covering such areas of importance as time management. Genevieve goes on to explain, “coaching may involve techniques such as breaking tasks into smaller, more manageable steps, prioritising tasks, creating a schedule or routine, and using reminders or visual aids to stay on track”, in turn helping individuals in both their personal and professional lives. In a landscape where autism and ADHD are keen topics of debate – including a recent nationwide medication shortage that saw the NHS and other healthcare providers halting prescriptions – ADHD Direct maximises its experience and duty of care to support its patients at every turn. From its ADHD and autism assessments in Glasgow through to the broader, virtual neurodivergent care it strives to provide to everyone across the UK, ADHD Direct Ltd is more than deserving of being recognised for its remarkable achievements. Contact: Genevieve Jagger Company: ADHD Direct Ltd Web Address: https://adhddirect.co.uk/