Q2 2024

From that moment on, a constant thought began to take shape in Ross’ mind, a thought that would become his company’s first flagship product, the Kibosh Rapid Emergency Pipe Repair. Following this “eureka” moment, this humble plumber set about designing a prototype, before developing and testing his product, ending up in the patent and IP process. The rest is history, with Ross setting up his limited company, creating a unique brand, and continuing to develop his stellar range of products. The years since have been kind to Kibosh, with its products today requested on an international scale across a multitude of sectors. Since becoming a standalone company five years ago, and not something that was occupying Ross’ evenings and weekends, Kibosh has grown to include a dedicated team of employees and a well-established board of directors. Ross became CEO just over two years ago, leveraging his firsthand expertise to prepare him for the task ahead. One of the mottos that Ross used to live by in his plumbing days, as a journeyman with his trainees and apprentices, was “I want you to be as good as me, or better, so I don’t have to worry about you and what you’re doing!”. This ethos has ultimately bled through to his leadership style in the present, which prioritises the happiness of his employees, recognising their contributions, and ensuring that they get the credit they deserve. Across his day-to-day duties, Ross ensures that everyone is kept well informed, prioritising transparency and professionalism across the board. It is incredibly important for Ross to ensure that the products his company makes are reusable and can save time, money, and water, all whilst improving the efficiency of a system and keeping pipes functioning. Kibosh’s encompassing approach to business spearheaded by its CEO is clearly working, as it today sells incredibly well across many of the leading retailers across the UK and North America, with the business recently even working closely with Travis Perkins Managed Services, part of the UK’s largest building merchant. Some of the business’ newest, most cutting-edge offerings include the Industrial Rapid Pipe Repair and High Efficiency Pipe Freezing systems, products developed by Kibosh and a consortium that includes NZTC, world renowned industry partners and academic research institution NMIS. These products are all made in the UK, and help Ross and the team achieve the company’s four ESG goals, something that today serve as cornerstones of the business’ ethos. The rest of 2024 is set to be an incredibly exciting time for this team, finally being able to realise years of ambition and tireless effort by putting a number of pioneering products into the manufacturing process for a wide-scale release sometime this year. As Ross explains, “many of the biggest names in the industrial and energy sectors have shown keen interest and a need for our products, and we look forward to demonstrating and supplying these to them soon.” When asked to reflect on his journey so far, Ross had this to say. “I left school with no qualifications at all and went from job to job with no real career prospects. At 21, I was diagnosed with dyslexia and prescribed tinted reading glasses, which although still not 100%, really helped me with reading. This gave me the confidence to go to Borders College Galashiels, and start a plumbing course, which was the big turning point in my life.” From setting out on this journey more than 20 years ago to being named as our Most Visionary CEO 2023 – UK, Ross’ story shows that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. We wish Ross and everybody at Kibosh Ltd the best of luck for the rest of this year and the bright future they all have ahead of them. Company: Kibosh Ltd Contact: Ross Dickinson Website: https://www.kiboshpiperepair.com/ Like many great businesses, Kibosh Ltd was born out of a radical idea. This story starts with Ross Dickinson, a plumber by trade based in the Borders, Scotland. Back when he owned his own business, Ross was constantly called out to fix burst and leaking water pipes that were flooding the houses of his customers. Ross often had no way of turning off the water to these properties, and so would be forced to trace the pipes to try and find a shut off valve, if there even was one. After one such job which led him to the shut off in a different building, he questioned why there was no simple solution available to clamp onto the pipe and get things under control, Ross struck gold. Most Visionary CEO 2023 – UK