Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 46 Cutting-Edge Decision and Data Services FinTech Company of the Year 2024 – UK recipient LendingMetrics strives to be a trusted partner to its customers, collaborating effectively with them to bring innovative, secure products to the market, all at prices that will disrupt the fintech landscape forever. Having significantly reinvested much of its revenue back into R&D over the past number of years, product excellence and continuous improvement have become synonymous with this business. Its reputation precedes it, with its most recent net promoter score being an impressive 76. Commercial Director David Wylie shares more. Operating since 2010, LendingMetrics prides itself on providing cuttingedge financial technology and innovative credit risk solutions to the lending industry and today enjoys having the most powerful and intuitive user interface within its flagship auto decision platform, ADP. Expanding further on this technology, Mr. Wylie describes the firm’s leading ADP as, “an automated decisioning platform controlled by a powerful user interface giving lenders complete autonomy to create, build, edit, test and deploy sophisticated decisioning logic.” This approach is favoured by lenders from across the globe that work with the business, as the highly tailorable nature of this platform empowers them to complete the projects that they want to undertake in their own time, without the need for the LendingMetrics team to get involved. He continues, “most of our lenders are moving towards the automation of decisioning in order to deliver better and more compliant customer outcomes so that they can scale their business without a significant increase in headcount.” Leveraging these methods has resulted in countless success stories for its clients, such as Fair For You and Momenta Finance. James Wilkinson, Fair For You’s Head of Lending, had this to say concerning the work carried out by this team. “At Fair For You, one of my main objectives is to lend safely and automated, without increasing our overheads. ADP has given us the ability to automate and not need to recruit further.” Momenta Finance’s Jake Furman even added, “we see ADP as central to our strategy moving forward.” A forward-thinking business, LendingMetrics has allowed for the integration of third party AI platforms into ADP to help provide further actionable data for select clients, something that can then be used to make impactful credit decisions. The team is reluctant however, to make the leap into other AI-related services as of yet, this as a result of both the regulations imposed on the sector by the law and the commitment the firm has to its customers. Nevertheless, a keen eye is being kept on the future of AI, with the team excited to see what advancements in this field will bring to the company down the line. Having worked in this industry for almost 15 years now, LendingMetrics’ Commercial Director has witnessed the emerging technology sector grow exponentially during his tenure, and as such, he is in a fantastic position to continue to innovate and push boundaries. He describes the UK as being a “real centre of excellence for technological innovation”, and this, combined with the company listening to the needs of its customers and watching closely for breakthroughs across the wider industry, position LendingMetrics in an enviable position for future success.” On the back of this, LendingMetrics has an exciting project in the pipeline that will see it release an additional module for its ADP, this being a self-serve integration tool. As he puts it, “this will enable our customers to add third-party data sources accessible via API into the ADP ecosystem…for example, if a customer identifies a new, novel data source that would be of use to their credit assessment process, they can complete an integration to that data source in less than an hour with complete autonomy.” As one can see, through its remarkable automated credit decisioning engine and software, LendingMetrics empowers its customers to take charge of their own destinies, creating and delivering some of the best credit risk technology products and data solutions that can be accessed across this sphere. Moreover, as a regulated entity, LendingMetrics fully complies with all of the consumer duty obligations that are placed on it, and it excels in helping its customers to do the very same, meaning that their time can be now. In closing, the decision-making engine employed by LendingMetrics makes it an incredibly bright spot in the field of fintech, and as a result of this, it is more than deserving of being named as the FinTech Company of the Year 2024 – UK. Contact: David Wylie Company: LendingMetrics Web Address: https://www.lendingmetrics.com/