Q2 2024

Freeman Rusere founded his firm with a specific mission: to alleviate as much of the financial burden as possible from SMEs. FR Chartered Certified Accountants provides a comprehensive service so that business owners can focus on running their business without also navigating ever-changing financial waters. Without the worries of financial compliance, tax considerations, and more, Freeman’s clients enjoy the freedom to run their businesses without stressing the numbers. Best Contractor & Micro Business Tax & Accounting Firm – England Founded only two years ago, FR Chartered Certified Accountants serves clients spanning 100 limited companies. Operating from our office in Aylesbury, we offer a broad range of SME accountancy and financial services, our services extend to managing payroll, bookkeeping, Vat returns and personal tax submissions as well as assisting clients with accounting compliance and corporation tax to ease its clients’ responsibility to adhere to financial laws. FR Chartered Certified Accountants serves its clients with both advisory and financial management senses. The Company director Freeman Rusere is an ACCA certified practitioner with vast experience in SMEs financial management and his team of two applies its combined expertise to the full spectrum of business accounting, acting as the bridge between an SME and its financial security. As a small team, the firm provides a personalised adaptable service tailored to its clients’ individual needs. Leveraging cloud technology streamlines its operations and allows real-time, direct-to-client management reports. Moreover, the team is proficient with an array of accounting packages, poised to apply them where needed to provide bespoke, highly efficient service. In the UK’s emerging high-wage, large-borrowing economy, a small team benefits from its nimbleness. In Freeman’s words, “as a practice, we can run the client’s finance department, doing bookkeeping, processing monthly payroll, and producing monthly/quarterly management accounts. Simplifying complexity and supporting our clients is at the heart of what we do every day.” FR Chartered Certified Accountants acts for a range of SMEs across many sectors. From healthcare and nursing to catering and estate agents, its business is built largely from referrals, though with the advent of its website, Freeman intends to attract any SMEs in need of comprehensive accountancy services. FR Chartered Certified Accountants’ impressive growth speaks to the firm’s attractive offering, though Freeman’s experience speaks for itself, having spent over 10 years as a senior-level financial controller with a strong background in bookkeeping, VAT returns, applying cloudbased accounting systems, and cash flow forecast for SMEs. The firm has benefits enormously from this vast experience. Going forward, new employees will also make use of Freeman’s practical knowledge base, as the company looks forward to bringing in a third employee to the team. Under Freeman’s tutelage and a nurturing culture, the founder asks that a new team member be skilled and ready to learn. Freeman also believes in establishing clear roles and responsibilities, ensuring that future additions to the team understand what is expected of them and do not feel pressure to act beyond their role. FR Chartered Certified Accountants’ future is certainly one for SMEs to keep a close eye on. Having moved into the company’s new Buckinghamshire office, Freeman is also beginning to establish an offshore office within the year, employing three-to-four staff members. He is keen to tutor and develop a new team, and equally as interested in hearing their new ideas. Owing to Freeman’s strengths as an experienced chartered certified accountant, the company is in extremely capable hands. Under its experienced, well-educated founder with clearly defined goals and ambitions, we look forward to seeing the company expand, serve a broader client base, and expand its team both domestically and offshore. Contact Details Contact: Freeman Rusere FCCA, MAAT Company: FR CHARTERED CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANTS Web Address: www.frcca.co.uk Telephone: 01296761627