Q2 2024

The campaign, covered by BBC Breakfast, This Morning, and Good Morning Britain, highlighted the importance of supporting mental health initiatives. Shirley’s dedication and the extensive media coverage significantly contributed to increasing awareness of CALM’s crucial work. “When my boss came back from a jam-packed media day and said ‘That team was incredible. They earned every penny we gave them’, I realised how fantastic Be Broadcast were.”- Jon Eaton, Communications and Digital Engagement Director, Epilepsy Action Social Impact Be Broadcast’s social impact efforts extend beyond its immediate business operations. It has advised clients on navigating the cost-of-living crisis, offered expertise during significant national events like the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the coronation of King Charles, and tackled difficult topics such as mental health and equality. Its transparent pricing model has benefited clients’ financial planning, and its innovative PR strategies have brought light relief and raised challenging subjects in the current climate. Product Innovations Be Broadcast continually evolves to meet client needs. Its ‘Mission Control’ initiative provides insights into competitors and market positioning, helping clients achieve measurable communications goals. Its AV Room, led by TV production veteran Dave Cooper, offers highquality audio and video content creation with transparent pricing and flexible packages. These innovations ensure Be Broadcast remains at the forefront of the broadcast PR industry. Looking ahead, though Josh and Luke intend to expand the agency, they see its nimbleness as a source of pride, intending to maintain the agency’s agile approach no matter the scale. Be Broadcast refuses to become a sausage factory satisfied only by financial gain, instead driven by the goal of providing innovative solutions, offering forward-thinking work that clients love. As experienced broadcast PR specialists, they will continue to provide content and high-tech analysis that reflects thorough understanding of the industry, how and when to convey a message, and what it means to properly broadcast a cause. Company: Be Broadcast Contact: Josh Wheeler & Luke Tracey Links: Little Book – www.bebroadcast.co.uk/ little-book Mission Control – www.bebroadcast.co.uk/ mission-control AV Room – www.bebroadcast.co.uk/bebroadcasts-av-room