Q2 2024

Contents 6 News 8 Beacon Organisational Development Ltd: Best Leadership & Executive Coaching Provider 2024 12 Purity Hemp Company: Best Hemp- Infused Beverage Manufacturers 2023 13 Transformative Beauty Services Inside and Out 14 REDS Group: Environmental Services CEO of the Year - UK 16 Doing Good with North Product Design 17 Chennai Express: Best Local South Indian Dining Establishment 2024 - Hampshire 18 The Medical League: Medico-Legal & Digital Solutions CEO of the Year - UK 20 Friendly Accountancy Services From GW & Co 21 Truva Lounge Cocktail Bar: Best Turkish Bar & Restaurant 2024 – Northamptonshire 22 Award-winning PR With The PC Agency 23 Warehouse Consultancy Service Empowering Businesses Through Bespoke End-to-End Service 24 Daniel Matthew Estate Agents: Best Local Estate Agency 2024 – South Wales 25 Taking Your Marketing to the Moon and Beyond 26 Centelli: Bringing Your Business into the Future 28 Your Path to Insurance Recruitment 29 Remarkable Business and Development Coaching for Women 30 Easing the Stress of Data Protection 31 Cambridge’s Second-to-None Premium Estate Agency 32 Revere Developments Ltd: Best Independent Home Development Company 2023 - Buckinghamshire 34 Blackfriars Law Limited: Property Law Firm of the Year 2024 – West Midlands 35 Expert Electricians Awarding New Apprenticeship 36 Designing Your Own Personal Sanctury 37 I A MacKinnon Haulage Ltd: Best Family-Run Haulage & Transport Solutions Provider 2024 – Western Scotland 38 Making Marketing Magic 39 Digital Infrastructure Solutions 40 Money Claim Collections: Most Client-Focused Debt Collection Service 2024 42 Unlocking the potential of the client-agency npartnership win healthcare communications 43 Virtual Training Solutions that Change the Game 44 Revolutionising Access to ADHD and Autism Services 45 Kibosh Ltd: Most Visionary CEO 2023 – UK 46 Cutting-Edge Decision and Data Services 47 FR CHARTERED CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANTS: Best Contractor & Micro Business Tax & Accounting Firm – England 48 Be Broadcast: Pioneers of Strategic and Innovative Broadcast PR 50 Residential Property Management Services Done Right 51 LS Law Limited: Best Life Science Sector Legal Advisory Firm 2024 – Southern England 52 They Aren’t Just Travel Agents; They Are ‘Not Just Travel’ Agents 53 SKS Law Ltd: Most Comprehensive Immigration Services Firm 2024 - Leicestershire 54 Kurl Legal Service: UK Immigration Specialists of the Year 2024 - East Midlands & UK Legal Awards 2024 Commendation of Excellence: Visa Support Customer Services 55 Real Estate Agency with a Familial Touch 56 The Creation of the Contact Centre Community 57 Premier Diagnostics Ltd: Best Emissions Technology Company 2024 58 Capitol Industrial Batteries Systems Limited: Best Transportation Battery Manufacturer 2024 - North Lanarkshire 59 VAG Coding Leicester: Best German Vehicle Retrofitting Service Specialists 2024 60 The Southeast’s Trusted Property Experts 61 Manchester’s Ecommerce Marketing Experts 62 Citrefine International Limited: Best Natural Insect Repellent 2023