Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 50 Residential Property Management Services Done Right When Jodie Fraser founded Fraser Allen Estate Management back in 2016, she did so having already spent more than a decade in the industry. During this period, Jodie became increasingly frustrated in the manner in which those living in managed developments were cut out of the loop, regarding both the management of the property itself and how their service charge was spent. Now operating the firm that has been named as Residential Block Management Specialists of the Year 2024 - South West England, Jodie and her team set about resolving this very issue each and every day. In essence, residential block/estate management, the area in which Fraser Allen excels, revolves around the maintenance of residential properties’ communal areas via the service charged paid by occupants of the building. For Jodie and the team at Fraser Allen, this role is centred in development needs, but manifests also in the form of looking after the grounds, ensuring communal spaces are clean and that lighting is working, as well as undertaking other general maintenance work to ensure things operate smoothly. Primarily, this all-female team are responsible for fostering close collaboration between clients, contractors, and residents, a task involving finding a middle ground and ensuring that all arrangements put in place and any contractors used throughout this management process subscribe to the same high standards that define Fraser Allen itself. Such an undertaking is not always easy, but the proactive, professional service personified by this team result in quality outcomes, as they never use a tradesperson that they would not use in their own home. The tireless work carried out by those at Fraser Allen is built on one key thing in particular, this being listening and, in turn, nurturing a truly welcoming environment in each and every property that this team manage effectively. The goals of the client thus become the goals of the business itself, which goes above and beyond to understand what is needed and what the overarching goals are regarding a development, something achieved through the leveraging of such core values as professionalism, sincerity, and reliability. From something as simple as emptying an overflowing bin through to complex matters akin to roof leaks, the compassionate, thoughtful team heading up this operation will respond in good time, resulting in safe and secure clients. Regardless of whoever it is that this team are liaising with, their dual focus remains unchanged, this on both the owner of the property and the person living on the other side of the door. Leveraging this personal approach has yielded tremendous feedback from customers and won the business many well-deserved awards. With such high standards in tow, it is no surprise that both Fraser Allen’s mission and vision revolve around solidifying its reputation as a leader in both the industry and the community, the latter of which it is keen to give back to through charity work initiatives regarding the Hollie Gazzard Trust. The Hollie Gazzard Trust aims to save lives through resilience building concerning domestic abuse, something it carries out on both individual and community levels, raising awareness, educating, and preventing such atrocities from happening. This is far from the first time that Jodie and her amazing team have been celebrated for the stellar work they do in their field, as Fraser Allen was recognised in the 2020 Small Business 100, and Jodie herself was named as being an entrepreneur to watch in Insider Media’s 42 Under 42 list in 2021. Moreover, this occasion marks the fourth time the business has been acknowledged by us for its outstanding service concerning property management, a testament to its sustained excellence and the ongoing triumphs encountered with Jodie at the helm. Operating out of its head office in Cheltenham town centre, with a regional office also in Bristol, Fraser Allen is a beacon of trust and loyalty in a field where this is unfortunately not always the case. Numerous reviews on websites such as Trustpilot corroborate these claims and make the decision to recognise Fraser Allen Estate Management as the Residential Block Management Specialists of the Year 2024 - South West England an easy one. Company: Fraser Allen Estate Management Web Address: https://www.fraserallenem.co.uk/