Q2 2024

Life Science Law was founded in 2015 after Wendy noticed a demand for a consultancy service provided by lawyers and compliance professionals with life science and pharmaceutical industry experience. During Wendy’s tenure as an in-house general counsel, she saw the challenges of performing in a role without the right team to support her with business priorities and challenges. Obtaining lawyers with the right experience was difficult and help finding support was nonexistent. “My vision for Life Science Law grew out of a desire to solve this seemingly impossible challenge – obtaining immediate, ad-hoc additional support from lawyers and compliance professionals with industry experience,” Wendy tells us. “Our support is bespoke, dynamic, and flexible.” The company is comprised of over 80 consultants, all qualified in providing legal and compliance expertise. Life Science Law offers its services to clients across the globe, including the UK, EU, Switzerland, Australia, and the Middle East. Wendy will personally spend time with her clients to gain a full understanding of their needs before developing the best approach and choosing the right consultant to help them. When asked about the company’s unique business model, Wendy says, “We offer a boutique service, where one size doesn’t fit all. We listen to what our clients need, and then create a solution that solves the challenge.” Life Science Law stays ahead of competitors due to the wide range of assistance that it can offer its clients. Wendy says, “With us, we are not only cost-effective, but we differ from that of a traditional law firm by providing industry expert lawyers who like to work in-house and will integrate seamlessly with the business and take work off the client’s plate in a number of ways. Unlike traditional law firms, where advice can seem overly complicated, detached from business objectives and not structured in a business-oriented way, we provide commercially savvy, on-point support to solve your challenges.” Not only that, but Life Science Law works hard to ensure that its team is equipped with the right training and skills required to deliver first-class services to its clients. Wendy remains proactive in mentoring her team and tells us, “Having self-belief, working, and creating a good team dynamic regardless of gender is where I have focused my agenda. I had a vision, and I kept that vision in focus – something I continue to do. It’s important to remember why you do what you do, and to keep that vision in mind to help drive you forward.” The company recognises the pressure to stay ahead of the trends due to the significant transformations happening within the life science sector. Keeping up with developments is essential for firms to stay afloat in this environment. The rapid advancement of technology, sped up particularly by the COVID-19 pandemic and the demand for remote work, has nrevolutionised the methodologies in which legal services are delivered. As such an innovative company as Life Science Law, however, these obstacles are not shied away from. In fact, Wendy tells us, “Personally, what I enjoy most about my role is the constant learning and problem solving. Every case presents unique challenges that require creative thinking and thorough analysis. I find great satisfaction in delving into complex legal issues, collaborating with clients and colleagues, and ultimately finding solutions that achieve our clients’ objectives while upholding legal principles and ethical standards.” Life Science Law is excited to expand its reach and engage with its audience even further. The company is preparing to launch a podcast series that will delve into industry topics, provide expert advice and legal perspectives. What’s more, Life Science Law will be piloting an exclusive subscription service in September that will provide tailored content, resources, and support to its clients. With Wendy’s expert guidance, we look forward to seeing what is next for the innovative team at Life Science Law. Contact: Wendy Lloyd-Goodwin Company: LS Law Limited Web Address: www.lslawservices.com With budget cuts and limited resources, it can be difficult for managers to obtain and maintain an effective legal and compliance function. Life Science Law is a London-based legal consultancy firm that specialises in providing legal services to clients within the life science and pharmaceutical industries, particularly where clients are facing resourcing challenges. We speak with Company Founder Wendy Lloyd-Goodwin about the inner-workings of providing top-tier legal solutions. Best Life Science Sector Legal Advisory Firm 2024 – Southern England