Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 52 They Aren’t Just Travel Agents; They Are ‘Not Just Travel’ Agents Above all else, Not Just Travel is true to its name. It is far from just a travel company; it invests in futures. Enabling people to establish their own travel franchises has won the company awards, including Best Travel Franchise 2024, over £100 million in sales and outstanding growth. Not Just Travel succeeds by fostering success in others, and it works hard to allow aspiring travel consultants to achieve their dreams. Not Just Travel trains and supports those who wish to launch their own home-based travel business. To date, the company has prepared and enabled an enormous range of franchisees from all walks of life to do something they love. From former police officers and NHS staff members to office workers and teachers, Not Just Travel accepts those with any level of experience, offering them everything they need to open the door to a new career and change their life. The company adopts a flexible model that aims to establish its franchisees in a way that is suited to their needs. It goes without saying at Not Just Travel that a franchisee will work around their schedule and responsibilities, not the company’s, so they are encouraged to work part-time, full-time or even in their spare time. Some begin part-time and increase their hours when they have found their feet; others may simply enjoy the supplemental income from a fulfilling side-business. Co-Founders Paul Harrison and Steve Witt look back fondly on the inspiring stories they have watched unfold: “We’ve had successful franchisees burst into tears telling us how we’ve changed their lives for the better!” Among the ranks of now successful consultants are people who experienced redundancy, sometimes later in life, or were tired of their jobs, schedules, and in desperate need of change. The team has heard all too many stories like these, though this translates to happy, enthusiastic people who offer a highly personal service. Not Just Travel loves franchisees to love what they do, empowering them to provide expert travel advice and to start enjoying a new life with a rewarding career and uncapped income. To name examples, Marietta Maidman was made redundant at 59 and was worrying about how she could find another job. Now, she is 62, living her dream life booking holidays and building her dream house in Cyprus. Palvi Harvey was a frustrated mum who felt she hit a glass ceiling, finding time for family life around a hectic role as a marketing manager. With Not Just Travel, she has taken well over £3 million in sales working from home, and she even gets the time to enjoy worldwide travel herself. Not Just Travel offers a personal training and support system, adaptable to the needs of the trainee, and their suite of preparations includes virtual training sessions, conferences and overseas retreats. No franchisee is made to feel left behind, unsupported, or as though they do not belong. The company recognises the individual, not just a consultant. This enduring commitment to excellence also extends to customers, who can rely on consultants to be there for them through the travel journey from start to finish. Unforeseen challenges may arise during travel, through which a customer is always supported. The company’s personal travel consultants spent hours ensuring that customers were safe during the Rhodes forest fires, and kept in close contact with travellers during the ash clouds over Iceland. The company’s consultants are passionate about every traveller’s experience, so customers can expect to see that passion in every element of their service, even on the rare occasion things do not go according to plan. The future looks bright for Not Just Travel as it grows beyond its already outstanding success, expecting to have over 1,000 franchisees by 2027. Having launched a WOW travel deals app and a cruise division, the founders expect big things and look forward to running overseas mentorship retreats for consultants. Not Just Travel is making huge waves in the industry, and it is easy to see why based on how thoroughly it invests in its talent. In the words of Co-Founder Paul Harrison, “to build the business, you must build the people,” and it is clear just how seriously Not Just Travel builds its people. Contact Details Contact: Paul Harrison/Jenny Farenden Company: Not Just Travel Web Address: www.thetravelfranchise.com