Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 54 UK Immigration Specialists of the Year 2024 - East Midlands & UK Legal Awards 2024 Commendation of Excellence: Visa Support Customer Services Founded in 2019, Kurl Legal Services (KLS) is a leading and reputable immigration law firm specialising in Skilled Worker Visas, UKVI Sponsor Licence for Employers, Indefinite leave to remain, British citizenship, EU application, UK Visitor Visas, Family & Spouse visas, Asylum applications, Business and Investment migration, and more. Now recognised within the UK Legal Awards 2024, we learn more from the Founder and Director, Jyoti Kurl. “There is no doubt that the ethos of our firm is rooted in the belief that the satisfaction of our clients is top priority. We treat every client as an individual and strive to provide the most effective immigration solution possible for them.” Kurl Legal Services is an out-of-the-box, diverse, inclusive law firm whose team can meet the needs of the wide variety of clients they meet on a daily basis. Each team member brings to the table unique knowledge and approach when it comes to dealing with complex problems. In order to spur creativity and innovation, the team come together from diverse backgrounds and speak different languages in the workplace, enabling them to offer a wide range of Immigration, Probate and Wills, Office management and H.R management and consultancy services. They are a congenial team with an affable approach who go above and beyond, giving the firm an immediate advantage over others. This comes with possessing extensive credence of legal experience, endeavouring to provide exceptional client service to its frequenters worldwide. The laws and regulations relating to immigration in the United Kingdom are complex and require decree of deep understanding. It is the team’s avocation and obligation to understand the complexity and importance of the immigration process, and considering the unique circumstances of each case, they develop, enhance, and offer a customised approach. As such, in their daily work, the team adhere to a mission statement that embodies commitment and pride in offering exceptional legal services. In this, the firm strives to be client-centred and trusted; to have insightful legal advisers in the field; to have karma-conscious and soulful legal advisers, citing, “If you feel good, others will too.”; to be competitive with its prices; to be culturally diversified; to be a role model in empowering women; and to listen to understand, respect, and build trust. KLS’ clients are referred to it by word of mouth, acclaimed for how the team listens attentively to their concerns, how they provide excellent results, how they follow ethical and non-judgemental guidelines, and how they are client-oriented and focused. “At the SME News UK Legal Awards, we were so delighted to be awarded the Best Immigration Services for the East Midlands award and it is a great honour for Kurl Legal Services to have won this award.” Founder and Director, Jyoti Kurl began her career at the age of 16 as a Sales Administrator and through various promotions became the company secretary and finally the Business Partner, but soon delved into the world of law and was awarded the School of Law Award for her outstanding performance and ability to cope during her final year of LLB while experiencing a complicated pregnancy with her twin daughters. Then, she took her Employment Law exam less than two months after giving birth, and successfully completed her Legal Practice course with two-year-old twins – with no retakes! She comments, “It was a great pleasure for me to have my children attend both my undergraduate and postgraduate graduation ceremonies.” In the weeks and months leading up to covid, Jyoti set up her immigration firm, developing it during the pandemic while also managing the twins and homeschooling! From a shared premises office within the flooring business, she has moved to a prime location in Nottingham, a prime location within her local area, and further moved to a bigger office in March 2024. Now, the team has expanded to seven people, all from different backgrounds and multilingual. What Advice Would Jyoti Kurl Pass Onto The Next Generation of Women? “To all women of colour, race or background. Learn to believe that you are capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to. There is no limit to what you can learn and seek. The sky is the limit. You are limited only by your own ability. Embrace a growth mindset!” Jyoti tells us how in the last two years, the legal profession has undergone significant and rapid changes in the way it operates. Thus, there is a necessity for KLS to design and provide more flexible legal services, which it is already doing – One of its greatest passions is providing its clients with the best legal advice possible. In addition, it is looking to integrate AI into its operations in order to offer more clientcentric and practice management software, alongside hiring more bilingual staff. Lastly, the Kurl Legal Services Group is planning to expand into a group of companies outside of the legal composition, known as Millisha Enterprise Limited, name created by taking the letters of Jyoti’s twin daughters Millie and Amisha. Ultimately, SME News is pleased to recognise Kurl Legal Services within its UK Legal Awards 2024 and we can’t wait to see all of its exciting plans come into fruition! Company: Kurl Legal Services Contact: Jyoti Kurl Email: jyoti@kurllegalservices.com Website: www.kurllegalservices.com Kurl Legal Services