Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 56 The Creation of the Contact Centre Community Imagine you had a way to establish connections with other contact centre team leaders, without having to embark on a tricky venture to seek them out. Say you were hoping to find somebody on the same wavelength as you – someone who understands the environment, and is eager to share titbits of invaluable information that’s aimed at expanding your pre-existing industry knowledge. Enter the Get Out of Wrap podcast – Martin Teasdale’s way of providing fascinating insights into the call and contact centre world. Recognised by Acquisition International as the Best Contact Centre Industry Company 2024, Get Out of Wrap encourages listeners to engage with their industry in new and exciting ways. Having initially kickstarted his career as a contact centre agent in 1995, Martin Teasdale has been exposed to the reality behind the call and contact centre world. Though it seems to viewed in an unfortunately negative light by those who have never once set foot within the industry, Martin took it upon himself to not only enlighten the uninformed, but actively create a community in which experiences could be shared together. This inevitably took the form of what we now know as the Get Out of Wrap podcast. Created in 2019, Get Out of Wrap acts as a conduit through which Martin can share his fascinating tenure within the contact and call centre sphere, while simultaneously sharing tactics for aspiring team leaders and experts alike. In fact, in 2023, Martin took an even larger leap and established the Team Leader Community – a waypoint for team leaders in contact centres to enhance their knowhow in order to become even greater experts in their field. Presenting an abundance of knowledge from various professionals across the industry, Get Out of Wrap encourages team leaders to engage with a community that genuinely strives to see each member succeed – a nature that isn’t often seen in such a competitive landscape. To Martin, the power of community is far greater than that of competition, and it’s this very notion that inspired him to develop a platform through which all manner of call centre leaders could interact and share experiences. In Martin’s own words – “We bring together contact centre team leaders to network and build relationships, so that we can expand our knowledge and understanding of the industry, as well as collaborate on the future of our community and support each other in our careers.” This community is truly a oneof-a-kind entity that promises to have an overwhelmingly positive impact on its members’ lives, with each relationship formed promising to not only be meaningful, but generate a support network upon which call centre leaders can depend in their times of need. Put simply, Get Out of Wrap has become a hub of excellence in the call centre world, with its accomplishments ranging from building a thriving network of team leaders, to presenting wider audience with contact centre based content that’s designed to engage and entice. Though there are over 6,000 contact centres in the UK, Get Out of Wrap is the first ever podcast to wholeheartedly dedicate itself to exploring the world of contact centres. For far too long, the industry has had a negative external perception – one that often pushes people away before they can even give it a chance. Get Out of Wrap exists to dismantle these misconceptions, inviting individuals to immerse themselves in the reality of the industry. The call and contact centre sphere is one brimming with positivity just waiting to be discovered, and Martin is eager to share said positivity with each and every one of his listeners. Here at Acquisition International, we love to highlight those who are breaking the boundaries of their respective industries to deliver new insights into the truth of their exciting worlds, and Martin Teasdale is no exception. His love for the contact and call centre sector has fostered an interactive community, with his Get Out of Wrap podcast merely emphasising this very notion. As such, we’re pleased to recognise Get Out of Wrap as this year’s Best Contact Centre Industry Company. We eagerly anticipate the next instalment of Get Out of Wrap’s exceptionally intriguing podcast. Contact: Martin Teasdale Company: Get Out of Wrap Web Address: https://getoutofwrap.com/