Q2 2024

Well into its journey toward celebrating 27 years of brilliance, Premier Diagnostics is a family-run emissions technology company that has spent its tenure providing exceptional customer service, all while designing and developing products that have consistently assisted motorists across the UK. Firmly believing that the MOT is crucial to road safety on a national scale, it has gone above and beyond to play its own unique role within the sector. By acting out of a genuine desire to safeguard Britain’s vehicle population, the collective has expressed its pleasure in playing such a pivotal role. Of course, as time has progressed, so too has the automotive world. From upgraded technology to alternative fuels, there are simply more demands than ever before when it comes to ensuring vehicle safety. Thankfully, Premier Diagnostics has been following emerging trends as they’ve arrived, and has worked hard to prove that it can provide services that align with these changes. Though not directly involved in modern garages, Premier Diagnostics has seen a similar shift within the MOT sector, mostly due to the introduction of Connected MOT Stations. In essence, these sites submit test results for both emissions and brakes back to the DVSA, providing up to date information for better auditing trails. In response, Premier Diagnostics began a crucial development process to guarantee support in every vein. From the moment the introduction of connectivity hit the MOT space back in 2021, the collective has been keenly investing in as much of its existing equipment as possible. Though it may not have been an easy feat, Premier Diagnostic saw the immense value in backwards compatibility, and now possesses a range of machines that, despite dating back nine years, can capably handle old and new tasks alike. In doing so, it’s allowed customers to forego having to potentially invest in new equipment, instead granting them access to the UK’s broadest range of backward compatible MOT equipment. We believe Marc Tew of Premier Diagnostics puts it best – “Premier, as a team, is always keen to push the boundaries of development and innovate wherever possible. While we work to a framework or specification supplied by DVSA, we try to offer additional features to support our customers and make the process of testing emissions easier and more efficient.” To Premier Diagnostics, upholding quality shouldn’t sacrifice convenience, and it has therefore excelled in its field to deliver both in abundance. In doing so, it’s distinguished itself as one of the industry’s greats, despite the challenges posed by previously proposed changes to MOT timing. Thankfully, following the confirmation that the DfT and the DVSA have no intention of pursuing the worrisome 4-2-2 structure, the industry itself has found a stability that suits its involved parties quite well indeed. With more garages seeking to reinvest into their secure businesses, Premier Diagnostics has welcomed a vast uptake in orders, and it’s all thanks to the collective’s characterising consistency. For over 20 years, Premier Diagnostics has promised to be the reliable companion that clients need, ultimately leading to its exceptional reputation. With this award, we hope that Premier Diagnostics can continue to pursue its ambitious and exciting goals for the future, and we look forward to seeing how its excellence further manifests in the coming months. Contact: Marc Tew Company: Premier Diagnostics Ltd Web Address: https://www.premierdiagnostics.ltd.uk/ Specialising in providing British-made gas and diesel emissions testing equipment to Class 4/7 MOT stations, in addition to ATF lanes for bus and truck testing, Premier Diagnostics is a technologically driven company who has raised the bar in a variety of ways. While primarily servicing these areas, Premier Diagnostics also grants more niche areas access to DPF retrofitting, plant equipment testing, and military maintenance. As a result, it’s accumulated quite the reputation – a reputation that we’re eager to explore below. Best Emissions Technology Company 2024