Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 58 Best Transportation Battery Manufacturer 2024 - North Lanarkshire For clients requiring their batteries repaired, overhauled, or replaced, Capitol Industrial Batteries is here to meet all their unique requirements. Capitol is an independent manufacturer with the strength and agility to deliver exceptional standards of product, customer service, and technical assistance. For over two decades, Capitol has served the UK rail industry and remains dedicated to enhancing its processes to meet the sector’s ever-changing demands. Established in 2007, Capitol is an independent manufacturer and supplier of industrial batteries and associated power products. The company provides services across the UK rail industry market on a wide range of projects, from single battery orders to fleet change out programmes. Its team of experienced field service engineers possess in-depth knowledge of industry requirements and the necessary accreditation to excel in their roles. Over the years, Capitol has earned a revered reputation through its work with train operating companies, original equipment manufacturers, signalling operation companies, and rail engineering and rail services companies across the UK. With its profound understanding of the sector and companies’ requirements, Capitol has established itself as a reliable partner capable of meeting operational needs and demands. Among its service offerings, Capitol supplies clients with a comprehensive range of batteries, and chargers to suit all passenger, freight, and light-rail vehicles. The supplier also offers batteries for materials handling, renewable energy systems, the marine industry, golf industry uses, security systems, and telecommunications. All Capitol batteries are designed as low maintenance and include safety features such as fully installed connections for easier repair and compliance with all current recognised BS and EN regulations. Whether customers are looking for an alternative power source for preserved models or a new vehicle class, the experienced team work end-to-end to create a bespoke design for their specific requirements. Capitol offers an extensive range of conventional and modular battery chargers for use in railway applications. The company manufactures and stocks a wide range of recognised brands and specialised portable and desulfation chargers. Its desulphation chargers are designed to go through a series of pulse algorithms to break down crystals that can form on battery plates. By reverting them back to natural constituents and preventing further crystal growth, desulphation chargers can bring batteries to full working order. In addition to manufacturing bespoke batteries, Capitol also supplies new, reconditioned traction batteries and single cells for every application purpose. At Capitol, the team understands that the life expectancy of any application is essential and if not properly maintained, can affect the equipment's overall performance. Capitol provides battery and charger repairs, testing, and preventative maintenance, offering clients substantial savings in replacement and repair costs while maximising operations productivity. For rolling stock chargers, Capitol offers a full inspection and repair service down to card repair level. This service encompasses everything from diesel, DMU (diesel multiple unit), and EMU (electric multiple unit) stock. Capitol has worked on a variety of vehicles and continues to support all mainline and preservation vehicle classes in use across the UK. The company is proud to work with several esteemed partners including Row Hankins Ltd., BCR, SAFT, and Curtis UK. Whether a client is seeking a highly efficient or portable and multi-functional battery charger, Capitol has ample accessories and modules to supply or repair their unit. In Cumbernauld, Scotland, Capitol boasts a fully functional warehouse where customers can peruse a wide range of products, batteries, and charger accessories. The warehouse is mainly visited by customer engineers but is also open to the public. While Capitol's main depot and warehouse is located in Scotland, the business has operational depots, each with stock holding facilities, throughout the UK in order to react quickly and decrease lead times. The company has service centres in West Yorkshire and the Midlands to provide its sales and service repairs on a nationwide scale. Since its inception, Capitol has become a trusted partner of UK rail industry companies for its comprehensive battery service. With over 20 years’ industry experience, the business is well-positioned to support customers’ individual requirements across a range of projects. Through servicing, repairs, and preventative maintenance to its extensive stock availability, Capitol will continue to support clients’ demands in the changing landscape of rail travel. In recognition of its UK leading services, Capitol Industrial Batteries has been honoured with this year’s award for Best Transportation Battery Manufacturer - North Lanarkshire. Contact: Denis McLeod Company: Capitol Industrial Batteries Systems Limited Web Address: https://www.capitolbatteries.com/