Q2 2024

Have you ever taken a look at your car and wondered what it would be like to have all of the modern additions, without having to forego your own emotional attachments? Sometimes, car owners don’t want to sacrifice their cars just to get all the latest upgrades, and it’s here that VAG Coding Leicester steps in to help. Specialising in the supply and installation of OEM and custom retrofit solutions, this award-winning service promises to treat your beloved vehicles with the utmost care and respect while its team of experienced mechanics breathe all new life into them. Join us as we explore just how VAG Coding Leicester accomplishes such an astounding feat. Best German Vehicle Retrofitting Service Specialists 2024 Proud to specialise in the OEM and custom retrofitting of some of the world’s most coveted car brands – from Volkswagens to Seats, Skodas, Audis, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and Volkswagen Commercials – VAG Coding Leicester is an award-winning collective that leverages its extensive knowledge to impress customers across the region. Boasting years of experience in both modifying and upgrading cars to even the highest of customer standards, the workshop promises every vehicle owner a seamless, speedy retrofitting service that’s sure to exceed their expectations. Despite what your dealer may have told you, there’s a strong chance that your car can be modified, and VAG Coding Leicester is in the business of echoing this sentiment across its breadth of retrofit and upgrade kits. As an independent workshop, VAG Coding Leicester is well aware of how crucial it is to deliver quality services upon which clients can really depend. After all, the very collective’s livelihood depends on it. And yet, beyond this, VAG Coding Leicester is simply brimming with passionate mechanics and engineers, each holding a genuine love for the work they carry out. This is incredibly evident through the ways in which VAG Coding Leicester interacts with customers – thanks to its independent nature, it’s been able to form continuous relationships with both clients and their vehicles, leading to a detailed understanding of every little aspect of an upgrade. From the moment VAG Coding Leicester is approached with a proposition, it takes the time to understand exactly what a customer is hoping to achieve through retrofitting their vehicle, before developing a plan that’s perfectly suited to fulfil these aspirations. Once agreed upon, the modification stage will commence, wherein VAG Coding Leicester onboards the task of seamlessly integrating modern technology into a vehicle in record time. Able to offer anything – from Apple CarPlay integration to Virtual Cockpit Retrofitting – the workshop guarantees a transparent and communicative experience throughout every step of the process. It's this very nature that customers have consistently outlined as their initial draw to VAG Coding Leicester, but it’s the sense of community and authentic attentiveness that ultimately invites them into becoming a part of the workshop’s regular clientele. However, to fully demonstrate the sensational impact that VAG Coding Leicester has had on its clientele, we’d like to share some testimonials with our readers. One customer explains how – “I had my Audi fitted with an updated display for higher resolution and Apple CarPlay, as well as a cruise control retrofit. Absolutely first class service. Very knowledgeable, giving advice beforehand and saving me from choosing the wrong unit. Work completed on the day, without fuss, and to an extremely high standard. Would recommend 100%.” Another expresses – “Excellent Job. I’ve had several Audis and always come here. It’s so knowledgeable and delivers amazing service! Always five stars from me!” Though many car owners may believe that retrofitting their vehicles is far more hassle than it’s worth, VAG Coding Leicester brings an entirely new approach to the industry that guarantees ease, speed, and quality above all else. Thanks to its avid determination and authentic passion for engineering, the workshop has finally given Leicester access to a definitive set of services – ones that will never fail to impress. For this very reason, we’re pleased to feature VAG Coding Leicester in this issue of SME News, and we extend our sincere congratulations to the exceptional team that’s brought this award-winning collective to life. Contact: Navaneethan Kugan Company: VAG Coding Leicester Web Address: https://vagcodingleicester.co.uk/