Q2 2024

SME News Q2 2024/ 8 Best Leadership & Executive Coaching Provider 2024 When asked what led her to work within the industry of leadership and executive coaching, Dame Neslyn Watson-Druée DBE simply replied, “to be a role model”. It was back in 1989 that she developed Beacon Organisational Development (Beacon) as a sole trader, shortly after her manager told her how she felt threatened by her because she is “black, a woman, and intelligent” and that she was going to “block” her. For Neslyn, this only fuelled her fire, and she went on to make her vision a reality to provide leadership development and coaching that transforms leaders – while also finding herself wondering if her former manager would have related to her differently had she received leadership training. Fast forward 35 years and Neslyn has been bestowed with more than 25 awards for her exceptional work, including being honoured three times by Queen Elizabeth II, and last year recognised with Damehood in His Majesty King Charles’ Birthday Honours.