SME Q3 2018

10 SME NEWS / Q3 2018 , an integral part of the West London sub-region, the second largest economic driver of the UK economy after the financial centre of London. Road, rail and air transport links with Heathrow Airport, an international gateway, is second to none. This makes our UK location, with our strategic network of overseas offices located in India, Dubai and South Korea, both accessible and attractive to foreign investors and developers. Our firm’s strength is its talented pool of in-house and external professionals and specialists who come from various ethnic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds and countries. We have a multiskilled team, both in terms of technical and latest IT competencies, which means that we can build sustainable provider and client relationships with ease. The team of highly qualified professionals cover the following disciplines: explain architects, structural engineers, interior designers and mechanical engineers, as well as the administrative and management staff. In addition, we have strategic alliances with several external partners that provide world class policy, financial, taxation, legal and business development support, especially on our international projects. As a firm, we do not promise what we cannot deliver! This is crucial to our customer and people focused ethos, with our values embedded in trust, team-working and pride in our service. We comply with our comprehensive quality assurance arrangements to ensure that all our work, no matter how small, or large, in terms of size or value, meets our customers’ expectations, as a minimum, if not surpassing them. Technology in all its facets, is central to how we both govern and service customer requirements, hence the significant year-on-year in investment circa £60,0000 in cutting-edge software applications. DIY enthusiasts are more sophisticated these days and more confident about taking on small, and in some cases, larger scale projects and work in partnership with our design and build teams. The housing shortage is well documented and opportunities for innovative design, eco- friendly, sustainable and financially viable solutions, are an important feature of the sector, and will remain so over the coming decades. Modular, space-efficient residential and commercial buildings will be an even greater feature of the UK construction industry. This is a technology we were developing and successfully tested by BRE in UK in 2006. 3D printing technologies are now becoming popular in construction of buildings and it is something which we are now investing more time and money to gain knowledge and experience. We have always been a pioneering firm, from a risk and innovation perspective. This has allowed us to adapt quickly to changes in the market. It has also allowed us to grow and diversify within the UK, as well as overseas in core architectural services and involvement in major schemes. Here at Saloria Architects, we have always been mindful of global changes and challenges, including keeping up with competitors or taking appropriate invest decisions. Brexit is one such challenge, but as we have actively taken steps during the last decade to venture into and invest in overseas markets, we believe we are well prepared to respond to new business opportunities. This is highlighted by our current work and projects in the pipeline respectively, for example, five-star hotel and residential blocks on river in South Korea having the facilities including shopping malls, cinema and medical clinics.