SME Q3 2018

14 SME NEWS / Q3 2018 , Mark Shields, a former Barclays executive, set up the Life Practice Coaching Academy in 2005. Recently, we sat downwithMark Shields to discover more about the firm’s extraordinary success and the award-winning services that they provide, re enforced this year by their excellent achievement and recognitionwinning the Uk best international training provider of the year. I think there needs to be more focus on this as this fits perfectly with our mission of creating a positive impact in the world. Making a Positive Impact in the World The Life Practice specialised in behavioural change solutions and training for individuals and businesses and had coaching practices all over the UK. Students came from all corners of the world to learn and graduate as behavioural change life coaches learning the life practice unique coaching methodology, known today as Rapid Transformational Coaching. In 2008, the Life Practice was awarded Mastery Level Certification by the Mind Institute of Australia for its demonstrated insight and advancement within the NLP and Coaching community. It was a milestone year in life practice history. Today, CAM Coach material can be found in the degree syllabus at universities and colleges and is known throughout the world as a leading resource for aspiring coaches. Delegates from all corners of the world choose the Life Practice Academy as their preferred learning provider to train in the powerful life practice transformational coaching methodology and proven CAM COACH success in business strategies. Mark begins the interview by informing us of the firm’s overall mission and the steps The Life Practice Training Academy takes to achieve it. “Here at The Life Practice Training Academy, our mission is clear and far reaching ‘to make a positive impact in the world by providing life changing education for everyone everywhere, one life coach at a time.’ “As a whole, we are passionate and dedicated about delivering on our mission. To bring our mission alive we ensure we offer regular enrolment offers, discounted courses, bursaries of up to 50% and free places for students suffering with long term illness and health/employment challenges. “The reason we do this is to help students gain access to high level life changing education at a price they can afford from anywhere in the world. To help, we offer all our courses in a range of currencies with free payment plans. “Each year we run a minimum of 12 discounted promotions, commit to sanction at least 100 course bursaries and aim to award a minimum of 100 free places to students with health and career challenges. To date we are a forerunner in making fully accredited vocational courses to UK and International students available in such a way, truly walking the talk when it comes to delivering on our mission. Recently, the firm was selected in the SME UK Enterprise Awards as the International Training Provider of the Year 2018 – UK. Discussing the award, Mark highlights what it means for both him and the team, as well as the motivation it provides. “It feels brilliant to win this award and re enforces all of our hard work is recognised and as a business we are continuing to perform at an optimum level. Winning prestigious awards such as this keep us keeps us driven to continue to provide a world class training proposition recognised globally by our peers and business partners.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Mark signs off by envisioning what the future has in store for the team at The Life Practice Training Academy. UKE18154 “Moving forward, we currently have over 20 accredited coaching courses on our online platform, with diploma levels 2 to 6. Our plans for the future include collaborating with some of the worlds most renowned experts and publishing a further 50 accredited courses, launching a life coaching platform for consumers and launching the CAM Coach version 2 in 2020. Lastly, our aim is to be the world’s largest provider of life changing online education by the year 2025. The future is in our hands and we will continue to deliver on our vision and mission irrespective of changes outside of our control.” Contact: Mark Shields Company: The Life Practice Training Academy Suite 1, 107 Bancroft, Hitchin, Herts, SG5 1NB, UK Head Office Telephone: 01462431112 Web: