SME Q3 2018

20 SME NEWS / Q3 2018 , Walk into SambrookHouse and you’ll be impressed by the warmth of the welcome... Sambrook House: Life is for Living Sambrook House Residential Care Home has been providing excellent care in tranquil surroundings since the mid 80’s. Set in an idyllic rural Shropshire village, it was originally the old school house. Over time it has been extensively modernised and extended, with hotel like accommodation, coupled with expert care being provided by our award-winning team of staff and management. It is privately owned by Neil and Sue Robson and is home to 28 residents who are free to enjoy its facilities including: two lounges with TV’s, pianos and library, a large conservatory and enclosed gardens with a summerhouse. Neil Robson explained: “We are clear that when someone moves into Sambrook House, it becomes their HOME. Our wonderful team of staff work tirelessly to give our clients the choices and lifestyle they want, whilst being there for their care needs. Life doesn’t stop because you move into Sambrook House, to the contrary there are activities, parties and crucially people to talk to and make friends with. So often we find that people have felt trapped in their home because they don’t see a living soul from one day to the next, this is sociable living.” Sambrook House’s mission is to provide a home for their residents which is safe, warm and entertaining, with excellent home cooked food and support from a highly motivated and well-trained team of staff. They achieve this through careful management, staff selection and infrastructure investment. The firm prides themselves on the extensive level of training they give to their staff. Gill Gannon (Care Manager) said, “Training not only gives staff the confidence to make the right decisions at the right time, often in difficult and time pressured situations, but it also empowers and gives confidence to the staff and their client. Dealing with the health and wellbeing of people is arguably one of the most challenging of careers, as we are all very complex individuals.” The company is absolutely thrilled to be awarded this accolade (thanking those that recommended them), representing an industry that is often the brunt of bad press, and one that struggles with underfunding. There are a number of fabulous care homes who share Sambrook House’s vision that ‘life is for living’, and whose staff take great pride and pleasure in providing excellent, compassionate care to our aging population. Being a privately- owned home, the Directors have the autonomy to make all the decisions around all costs and investments, as well as bringing to bear their own high standards. They believe that their success has been through day-to-day hard work, pride and compassion as well as strategically taking brave, difficult though calculated decisions about the direction of the business. As owners, Neil & Sue Robson are clear that their responsibilities extend beyond simply caring for 28 residents, they also take seriously the wellbeing of their 20+ staff. Neil said, “We are an extended family. My Care Manager has been at the helm since 2006, our Administrator since 2007, but 13 years ago when we bought Sambrook House, we inherited a chef that has now devoted 30 years to Sambrook House, a Housekeeper that has worked here for 26 years and our Senior Carer of 14 years. This level of stability is unusual in what is an inherently nomadic industry, and I am hugely grateful to them for their dedication.” “As an engineer, I am always looking to embrace technological advances to improve the service we deliver.” Neil went on to say, “For several years now we have had free WiFi throughout the building; a resident’s PC (with video conferencing facilities); TV/DVD’s in all rooms; we are rolling out resident’s telephones; we have just upgraded the fire alarm system and installed a 3ph generator (for power cuts); our staff carry a pager linked into the home’s call bell system which enhances response times. We monitor the latest technology to hit the industry and are currently looking into ‘wearables’ and renewable energy systems like solar panels. The trick is to never stand still!” As for the future, the team at Sambrook house will continue 1809SM03 investing in the beautiful building, making it ever more efficient and hotel like. They will hopefully stay ahead of the ever changing legislation and continue invest in their staff. Additionally, they will strengthen their ties with the local village community, and most importantly will continue to listen and react to their resident’s desires and wishes, whilst giving them the life they choose. Neil concluded by saying “I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to our hard working, professional staff who daily exhibit great acts of kindness and caring. They are very special people and this award is for them!”