SME Q3 2018

SME NEWS / Q3 2018 23 The Experts in Anti Money Laundering Services Contact: John Dobson, CEO Company: SmartSearch Address: Mayfield House, Lower Railway Road, Ilkley, Leeds, LS29 8FL, United Kingdom Website: Telephone: 01132 387 660 THE ONLY AML RESOURCEYOU NEED checks becoming mandatory; “Electronic identification rids the need for manual checks - which are open to errors - and we believe that eventually, the Money-Laundering Directive will call for electronic AML checks to be mandatory. Therefore, electronic solutions will continue to flourish and be more extensive in their applications.” Finally, John discusses the future of SmartSearch and how they aim to build their brand to become synonymous – in the UK and abroad – with AML processes. “We will continue to develop and innovate in the AML sector and plan to achieve greater market penetration both in the UK and into relevant overseas markets. The Fifth Money-Laundering Directive, which was adopted by the EU in April, now calls for electronic identification as an essential part of verifying customer information, so we think this will have a huge impact on the number of regulated firms that will turn to electronic identification as part of their AML processes.”