SME Q3 2018

28 SME NEWS / Q3 2018 , Established in September 2003, Thomas James is an independent Estate Agent with offices across Nottinghamshire. In August, the company was awarded among the winners of the 2018 SME UK Enterprise Awards with the title of ‘Best Independent Estate Agent inNottingham’. Following this, we spoke to Thomas James’ Associate Director, Denise Selwood, to find out how they have forged their success in this notoriously competitive industry. Local Experts Providing a World- Leading Service In many ways, success in the real estate sector relies on a select few fundamental elements. Pace-setters in the industry have an innate knowledge of the area they operate in and are capable to predict changes – and the latest trends – in the market. Equally, the very best firms are experts in delivering a client- centric approach that truly puts the client’s needs at the forefront of every transaction or conversation. It’s a delicate duumvirate: a balance between best-in-class knowledge, and down-to- earth, individualised customer service. When it comes to Nottinghamshire and its real estate offerings, Thomas James are a firm that appears to tick all of the boxes. With their offices peppered across Nottinghamshire, they are perfectly placed to cover Nottingham and its outlying villages. Further, they aim to deliver a personal, professional and comprehensive service, with, in Denise’s words, “an emphasis placed firmly on meeting individual requirements.” On this subject, Denise continues: “We treat our clients with the utmost respect, delivering the best possible service, just as they deserve. Irrespective of the type of property, or area of the market, Thomas James are undoubtedly able to assist in sourcing suitable properties for clients and will market property to extremely high standards; including the use of high quality pictures, using the most up to date media, and drawing on invaluable local knowledge, and over 45 years of experience and expertise in our industry.” It’s clear that this approach has certainly yielded well-earned success so far, as the company moves to celebrate fifteen years of trading this month. Thomas James know that long-term results come to those that continue to adapt and evolve to industry shifts. Sitting still is to stagnate - the industry moves forwards regardless. Denise takes a moment to talk about recent developments in the company, and how they have capitalised on their presence in the industry. “We have added a Land and New Homes Department to our branches. In this exciting sector of the housing market we have dealt with developers from an early stage, assisted with correct pricing to ensure the success of the developments. Our staff have accompanied viewings on site and have achieved sales off plan as well as on completed homes.” Denise is only one half of Thomas James’ senior leadership team. As Director, Tom Reynolds has formed a robust foundation for the company since the very beginning. His hands-on approach has led to an in-depth understanding of the local marketplace and its trends, as well as providing the basis for successful business relationships with clients, peers and other professionals. In Denise’s words, “the managers of each branch have been encouraged to take Tom’s lead – essentially, to be well-informed and available for clients and staff alike.” With all of this in mind, it is clear to see why Thomas James were recognised as Nottingham’s real estate authority. Their hands- on approach, partnered with a peerless knowledge of the area mark them as a cut above their competitors. For anyone looking for property in Nottinghamshire, look no further than Thomas James Estate Agents. UKE18157