SME Q3 2018

SME NEWS / Q3 2018 3 Contents , 4. News 6. Pace-setters in the resin flooring industry 8. Delivering High Quality Workmanship 12. Repair Don’t Replace 14. Making a Positive Impact in the World 16. Setting their Sykes on Success 18. Placing People in Positions ‘They’ Fit 20. Sambrook House: Life is for Living 22. The Experts in Anti Money Laundering Services 24. Creating the Perfect Hearth and Home 26. Dedicated to the Health and Wellbeing of Your Pets 28. Local Experts Providing a World-Leading Service 30. Creating Peace of Mind for Their American Clients 32. Picturesque Views and Delicious Food 34. Presenting the New Disruptors in IT Recruitment 36. Established Excellence in Construction 38. Providing Innovative IT Solutions for British SMEs 41. 2018 Business Elite Awards Winners