SME Q3 2018

30 SME NEWS / Q3 2018 , MASECO PrivateWealthwas created to achieve peace of mind for American families living in the UK, by simplifying their often- complex wealthmanagement needs. In August, MASECO Private Wealthwas named among the winners of the 2018 SME UK Enterprise Awards, with the title of Best WealthManagement Firm in London. Following this well-deserved achievement, we sought to profile this innovative firm to find out how they have become a leading presence in an industry defined by excellence. Creating Peace of Mind for Their American Clients MASECO Private Wealth operates in an incredibly niche area of wealth management – by targeting, primarily, American families in the UK they have carved out a unique position in a business sector that is only becoming increasingly competitive on the back of country-wide growth. Their services pivot on the back of an expertise in cross-jurisdictional tax-efficient investment management strategies, ensuring that their client’s assets are protected and secure. MASECO invest globally and arrange the custody of client assets with the most reputable firms across various jurisdictions to optimise portfolios from a tax, currency, cost, reporting and investment perspective. Though they work primarily with Americans in the UK and in the US, they also provide services to financial advisors, trustees and foundations. Crucially, MASECO’s record of success has attracted the best talent working in wealth management; with each addition to their team, the firm strengthens its internal talent pool and further distances themselves from their competitors. Today, through their internationally-experienced team, they now celebrate a client base of over 500 families, with promises of further growth in the coming months. The team’s diversity has only been a boon to the firm since its inception, and feeds directly into MASECO’s dynamic internal culture that promotes a productive and engaging working environment. Of great importance to the firm is a need to hire complimentary, like-minded and positive individuals who ensure that their core values – teamwork, authenticity, mastery, empathy and the pursuit of excellence - are adhered to at all times. These values form the foundation of everything MASECO does, which translate into behaviour that is consistently applied and communicated both internally among employees, and externally to their clients. As a result, these common values are reflected in the high-quality work produced and the unrivalled client experience that they offer. The mantra used during the recruitment process is “hire on culture, train on competence”. In this, MASECO promise to act in their client’s best interests and commit wholeheartedly to providing nothing less than a phenomenal client experience. On the back of this approach, MASECO has garnered accolades and recognition from industry-leading bodies and establishments. Managing Partners Josh Matthews and James Sellon have both been named Citywealth leaders several years running and Helge Kostka, Chief Investment Officer, won the Graham & Dodd Award for excellence in research and financial writing last year. More recently, Andrea Solana, Head of Advanced Planning, was recognised as one of the leading women in financial advice. Moreover, MAESCO are also a certified B Corporation, marking them as one of the finest financial service firms in the UK. This potent duumvirate – MASECO’s team and their dominating global reputation – play an important role in guaranteeing the firm’s enduring success and made them the natural choice for the title of Best Wealth Management Firm in London. UKE18171