SME Q3 2018

34 SME NEWS / Q3 2018 , Be-IT Resourcing is the largest, and fastest growing, independent technology and digital resourcing firm in Scotland. In early August, BE-ITwas recognised in the 2018 SME Top 50 programme as the “Industry Leaders in IT Recruitment”. On the back of this deserved win, we spoke to the firm’s CEO, Gareth Biggerstaff, to find out how they have driven their astounding success at such an early stage of their lifecycle. Presenting the New Disruptors in IT Recruitment Founded in 2013, Be-IT Resourcing have, in just a short space of time, secured their position as the de facto experts in recruitment for the technology sector. Headquartered in Edinburgh, and with offices across Scotland and Belfast, Be-IT utilise their 300 years of combined experience to find the best possible person for their client’s individual needs. At the heart of the company’s success is Gareth Biggerstaff; as a veteran of the recruitment industry, he has spearheaded the firm on its quest to become the leading independent technology resourcing firm in the UK. Ultimately, Gareth believes that the strength of Be-IT Resourcing lies in a triumvirate of factors: “the quality of our staff, the processes and innovative technology that we adopt and use daily, and the strength of our brand”. Gareth affirms that Be-IT was created to be an industry disruptor, reinvigorating an otherwise stale and tired sector. In this, their goal is clear, and they have made substantial movements to make sure that it comes to fruition. Where Be-IT truly comes into its own is in its use of technology to gain a competitive edge, its intrinsic experience and its participation in the sector as a whole. “We are a mature business and have a very experienced team with over 300 years of IT / Tech recruitment experience. We adopt and use the latest technology to source, match and retain candidates and are always searching for new methods / technology to improve our service delivery and candidate experience. We presently place 1 in 3 vacancies we take on which is a much tighter ratio than our market peers – proof we do deliver. Also, we provide data and market trend info to clients allowing them to forecast costs more accurately. We issue white papers annually in an attempt to highlight issues within our sector and drive positive future change e.g. – ‘Sexism in IT. Does it exist?” Naturally, for companies all over the UK, the prospect of Brexit is looming large, and uncertainty for the future is an ongoing factor in stunting business growth. However, Gareth sees only opportunity in this future, and is planning to capitalise on them to the best of his considerable ability. “Brexit is the big development that we are keeping an eye on presently. This will create quite a few opportunities for Be-IT and we are positioning the business presently to take advantage of these as and when they develop. Future opportunities that we expect on the back of Brexit are: • Possible development of a hybrid economic region in Northern Ireland which straddles both the UK and EU zones. We have an office in Belfast and recognise this as a possible area of growth in the year ahead. • Brexit will bring regulatory change in most sectors which will create opportunities for system and process engineering covering – banking, insurance, assurance, pensions, investments. In September 1809SM01 we open our latest division – Finance & Business Change, which will target this emerging opportunity. Ultimately, growth defines the future of Be-IT Resourcing as it aims to ramp up to the next stage of its business plan. “Over the last five years we have established a brand within a competitive market place and built our business to a turnover of over £11m. We are now getting critical mass within our market place and our plan is to maintain this growth and expand further across the UK and Ireland. This year we expect to grow to £17m turnover and grow staff numbers by 40%, as well as open up a new division – Finance and Business Change – which will service the fast growing fintech sector within the UK.” Be-IT Resourcing represents the future of the IT recruitment industry: a disruptor at its heart, it is innovating, growing, and developing at a pace that has secured its position as a leading presence in the sector.