SME Q3 2018

38 SME NEWS / Q3 2018 , Tiedata Ltd have been supporting the IT requirements of SMEs for almost four decades. In August, Tiedata were named among the winners of the 2018 SME UK Enterprise Awards programme as the Best Managed Data Solutions Provider. Following this, we sought to profile this stalwart of the IT sector by taking a look at the secrets to their enduring success. Providing Innovative IT Solutions for British SMEs Tiedata market themselves, simply, as providing “computer solutions for businesses”. Over the last thirty-eight years they have thrived on the back of a company-wide ethos that treasures long-term professional relationships with their clients. Tiedata, fundamentally, are futurists at their core, advocating for the benefits of technological adoption and development. With this idea in mind, they can be considered drivers of British business, helping their clients to grow, evolve and adapt to the demands of their industries. The firm’s two directors, Raj Kalra and Sanjeev Sudera, have a wealth of experience working for blue-chip organisations. Seeing an opportunity to capitalise on an absence in the market, they created Tiedata to bring the professionalism and internal culture from large cap companies to the SME sector. From the very beginning they have worked to distinguish themselves as experts in their industry, setting a robust foundation for the company that exists today. Tiedata’s success has been formed on the back of two key areas. The first, the Professional Services Team, is headed up by Quinton Langton and Adrian Wilson, who provide design, installation and support services for IT infrastructure and networks. This team utilise the very latest in cutting edge technology to create best in class and cost-effective solutions that support an array of businesses, regardless of sector or market. As part of their work, Langton and Wilson have become experts in cybersecurity, disaster recovery and business continuity, offering clients no small amount of peace of mind that their business and assets are in the safest of hands. The second lies in Tiedata’s Database and Software Applications Team, who provide support and development services. These services include creating bespoke software applications for clients and managing the support, on-going development and enhancement of applications written by third- party organisations. The team have forged a reputation for providing high-quality solutions faster, and cheaper, than traditional software teams. Ultimately, Tiedata was founded with the aim of being a ‘one- stop-shop’ for their clients. In this goal, and indeed many others besides, they have utterly succeeded. As a result, Tiedata’s client base include businesses from across the professional landscape, such as legal, medical, accounting, logistics, and non-profit organisations, with many of those being household names. As Tiedata commented, “Our customers tend not to leave us, which is a testimony to the professionalism and quality of our services.” This is achieved by Tiedata’s client experience, which puts their customers at the very heart of their services. This includes a non-tiered help desk that ensures that a customer’s query is resolved with one engineer from the beginning of the call to the end. Further to all of this, Tiedata have firmly established themselves as leaders in IT solutions, with a commitment to excellence that has trickled down to all tiers of the business, creating a proactive internal culture that is dedicated UKE18166 to the client experience. To help achieve this, all of Tiedata’s engineers have fifteen years, or more, industry experience. This is partnered with their incredibly low staff turnover: 70% of their team have at least twelve years of service at the company. It is a refreshing statistic in a sector known for vast shifts in trends and technologies, as people look for the ‘next big thing’ to help them secure business success. It would be no overstatement to say that Tiedata represent one of the finest IT businesses in the UK. Their client-centric approach to their work, partnered with an unrivalled expertise in what they do, made them the default choice for the title of Best Managed Data Solutions Provider.