SME Q3 2018

6 SME NEWS / Q3 2018 , Resin Flooring HQ Ltd is a family run company with forty years of collective experience in the industry. In August, the firmwere awarded the title of ‘Best Resin Flooring Contractor in South East England’ in the 2018 SME UK Enterprise Awards. On the back of this well-deserved success, we spoke to Chelsea Kerley, Marketing and Sales Consultant for Resin Flooring, to see how they have forged a reputation for excellence in their sector. Pace-setters in the resin flooring industry Resin Flooring HQ was created on the back of a core team dynamic; a family run company at its heart, though it has introduced new team members in recent years, it has built its formidable reputation through a commitment to excellent standards. Through their small team, Resin Flooring HQ have become the pace- setters in an ever-competitive industry, with an established history of exceeding client expectations and meeting rigorous regulatory requirements. Chelsea was eager to emphasise Resin Flooring’s work since their establishment: “Our team of friendly professionals are trained in the preparation and the installation of commercial and industrial resin flooring. Resin Flooring HQ offers a full preparation services prior to any installation. It is critical that the substrate floor is clean and smooth before the team begin to lay the materials. Any clearing, digging out and grinding will be included in the price on your free quotation.” “We provide a variety of resins from our preferred manufacturers including hygienic flooring, epoxy and polyurethane resins, primers, and seamless and slip-resistant flooring. Each material offers its own flooring purpose dependant on the floor’s environment. We have an on-site surveyor available to give advice during the quotation process. Resin Flooring HQ are known experts in screeding and the team provide impeccable finishes.” More than this, their decades of experience have yielded certain advantages that give Resin Flooring an undeniable edge over their competitors, as Chelsea highlights: “In our decades of installing industrial flooring we have gained many professional partnerships and other connections. We work particularly close with Component Developments that provide us with bespoke stainless-steel drainage solutions which our team then install during the flooring process.” This sets a framework for the entirety of Resin Floorings work; they have honed their skills over years to deliver a service that is difficult to beat. Their work speaks volumes about their talent, which, in turn, has helped them to create a robust network of suppliers and partners. Chelsea takes a moment to talk about Resin Flooring HQ’s mission: “Our mission is to reach out to industrial and commercial companies and supply them with high quality resin floors across the UK. We like to provide a professional service that has minimal disruption to production times. This year we have done work in numerous breweries, manufacturers’ warehouses, hotel kitchens, veterinary clinics, butchers and more. We aim to provide long-lasting flooring that is suitable for the required environment.” By all regards, this statement – simply, a dedication to good work that lasts, is a refreshing tonic among competitors, who chase after the latest technique, equipment or technology. Ultimately, Resin Flooring HQ knows what works, and how best to serve its clients. Coming to the close of the interview, Chelsea returns to the fundamental strength of Resin Flooring HQ – the flooring team: “Although we have new team members, they are given a warm welcome and are treated as family. We believe that proper training and effective support allows our team to work to their best capabilities and provide the best service.” Mike Whiting, one of the teams most experienced flooring professionals, said: “There is always more to learn in this industry. New products and materials are constantly changing the game; it’s important to keep up with the times. Maintaining staff training and providing essential certificates is critical for their safety and for the future of the company.” Resin Flooring HQ believes that not only is it important to ensure all their staff pass essential training, but that any aspirations are supported. Chelsea said: “We are happy to provide any requested training that further benefits our staff and therefore the company.” Resin Flooring make a habit of exceeding expectations, rather than simply meeting them, and fulfil the most stringent of regulatory guidelines with a practised ease. They represent the very heart of British business – experienced professionals who are committed to delivering their best work, every day, for every client. UKE18167