Q3 2019

10 | Q3 2019 Human resources are one of those most essential of business elements – after all, businesses succeed through the hard-work, expertise and experience of their human capital. Yet, often, it isn’t given the consideration that it is due, relegated to an after thought after the more sales-generating and growth-driving elements. Make no mistake though, people decide whether a company thrives or fails, and it pays to ensure that they thrive alongside it. Julie, fundamentally, agrees: “We are passionate about people and the role they plan in any company’s success, which is why we believe out clients deserve more than cookie-cutter HR. VeryHR’s experience in supporting companies across the globe has shown us that HR has the potential to deliver so much more than compliance. It presents an exciting opportunity for growth. It’s simple: for a business to thrive, the people in it need to thrive too.” Ultimately, it is VeryHR’s people-focused and pragmatic approach to their industry that has transformed their clients’ businesses. “As a company, we help build teams through robust recruitment strategies that attract the right talent for the business. We identify how to help people excel as individuals and in teams within the wider collective of the business. We encourage and inspire people to perform at their absolute best be channelling their authentic self in a way that benefits both them and the business.” “HR doesn’t have to be boring or stale - it is about your people, about you. It is about empowering those you hire to contribute to your business - to be the best version of themselves each and every day.” Of course, it can be no surprise that Julie credits the strength of her team with VeryHR’s enduring Driving the People Behind Business VeryHR Ltd is an award-winning HR consultancy with a proven track record of empowering companies to take their business to the next level. Following VeryHR’s success in the 2019 SME Business Elite programme, where they were named ‘England’s Best HR Services Provider’, we spoke with Founder, Julie Provino to find out more about their exceptional business-centric services. growth. “Our success is thanks to our incredible team of talented professionals who really understand HR in Europe and beyond. They are passionate about the human potential in business. Add in the fact that the team is multicultural and multilingual and that means we are an ideal partner when planning an overseas expansion as part of your company’s growth strategy.” Finally, Julie offers some insight into the future of VeryHR as they look to capitalise on their expertise in a new, more SME-focused, market. “We are expanding our client set to SMEs more specifically - we have realised that in the last 6 years, we tend to bring most value to small and medium businesses who have energy and want to make an ethical difference in terms of their people practices in play.” Company: VeryHR Ltd Name: Julie Provino, Founder Address: Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom Website: www.veryhr.co.uk Telephone: 07772627722

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