Q3 2019

17 | Q3 2019 Apr19425 Tryst Dental Practice is an independent clinic offering both NHS and Private dentistry services. Following their recognition as ‘Scotland’s Most Outstanding Community Dental Practice’ in the 2019 SME 100 programme, we spoke with Tryst Dental’s Business Manager, Linsey Paton, to find out more about their expertise and ethos. Tryst Dental Practice : Putting the Patient at the Centre of Their Services It might be an odd thing to say that a dental practice has become the centre of a community – after all, dentists have long been considered anxiety-inducing for many, a place that you diligently visit rather than enjoy. Yet, Tryst Dental goes against the grain on nearly every front, as Linsey explains in more detail. “As a community orientated business, our focus is on educating our patients and local community while encouraging positive lifestyle choices. We also have an excellent reputation for helping nervous patients overcome anxiety. We provide a range of services across all age groups. Early intervention aims to educate families, improving children’s oral health as well as encouraging a family approach. Our team are fantastic at supporting our older patients, too. Adapting methods and treatment options to suit each patient creates a sense of trust.” Of course, this patient-centricity is upheld by Tryst Dental’s team, who act as ambassadors to the practice’s ethos in every interaction. “Our friendly team are always mentioned in our patient feedback. Our approach is always person- centred, and our aim is to ensure people feel able to make informed decisions. This is what shapes our entire ethos...the right advice and the right treatment at the right time.” As a result of this carefully crafted approach, many of Tryst Dental’s new patients are brought to the practice through positive word of mouth – no small feat for a community dentist. “Our patient base is diverse. We are active on social media and raise awareness of our services through a number of community partnerships. However, word of mouth is typically how our new patients hear about us. Our reputation draws significant numbers of new patients through online channels, too.” Finally, Linsey comments on the future of the practice, as they look to reinforce their reputation in the community and greater industry. “2019 is a year to build on our successes. Ultimately, we are delighted to be able to continue to sustain a dental practice which has been at the heart of the local community for over 30 years. It’s a challenging job but seeing our patients smile and caring for generations of families make every challenge worth overcoming!” Company: Tryst Dental Practice Name: Linsey Paton, Business Manager Address: 134 King Street, Stenhousemuir, Falkirk, FK5 4HT, United Kingdom Website: www.trystdental.com Telephone: 01324 552889 “Our patient base is diverse. We are active on social media and raise awareness of our services through a number of community partnerships.”

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