Q3 2019

21 | Q3 2019 Jul19157 For the last 30 years, Vision Techniques has been an award-winning provider of best in class vehicle-based safety solutions. Following their success in the UK Enterprise Awards, where the firm was named ‘Best for Vehicle Safety & Camera Security Solutions’, we spoke with Head of Marketing, Charlotte Coop to find out more about their expertise and services. Putting Safety First Ultimately, ‘results’ lie at the crux of Vision Techniques success. In the greater health and safety industry, results remain the key consideration. After all, everything comes down to a rather simple equation – has the service provided worked? In Charlotte’s words, Vision Techniques has long specialised in “making the unsafe safe, the invisible visible, and the unsecure secure.” Results are everything. Which, by all regards, makes the company’s enduring success all the more impressive. To begin in earnest, Charlotte offers more insight into Vision Techniques expertise as they look to solidify their enviable leading position in the industry. “Using the power of new technology and innovation, we give our customers the ultimate protection in vehicle safety. Our flexible approach and proven award-winning track record in design excellence, ensures the creation of vehicle safety systems to provide a safe environment for drivers, workers and the public. With a collaborative and flexible approach to products and support, we go that extra mile to provide an exceptional experience for our customers.” “Our mission is to be the innovative driving force in vehicle safety systems. We form partnerships with our customers to identify issues and solve them with technology.” This innovation-first ethos has come to permeate every echelon of the company as they look to be defined by evolution and adaptation rather than imitation, as Charlotte moves on to explain. “We don’t just develop products because someone else does. A perfect example would be STOPSAFE, an emergency braking system we have developed following on the Glasgow tragedy in 2014, the system allows the crew to take control of the braking system should the driver become incapacitated. The system is the only one to be approved by the VCA - something the team have worked tirelessly on over the last year. It is due to launch in Winter 2019.” This is where Vision Techniques truly distinguishes itself from the competition: by working closely with industry associations and their customers to identify relevant, real world problems in the market. “We consider ourselves problem solvers. Moreover, we believe in forming partnerships and providing a comprehensive service from safety audits and technical information right through to installation of the kit. We employee people who want to make a difference and share the same goals. As a company we are a full-service provider, not just a box mover and we believe this sets us apart from the competition.” In a similar vein, Vision Techniques always keeps one eye on the horizon to accommodate the latest trends and developments. For instance, the company are currently looking to adapt to the rising popularity of electric vehicles. “Electric cars and electric vehicles/machinery are set to be the next big influence on the market. As such, we are looking at the next generation of safety products suitable for this new wave of technology. Watch this space!” Charlotte adds. In her closing comments, Charlotte takes a moment to discuss Vision Techniques’s future. “We have a number of exciting product launches that we believe will challenge and change the industry. Our new telematics platform allows our customers to integrate safety equipment with real-time data and instant alerts of the safety equipment activations. Our award-winning Banksman Autobraking is now available in forward autobraking and we are the only company to successfully integrate into a BOMAG roller, which is an exciting development for us. As briefly aforementioned, we recently received notification that our emergency braking system STOPSAFE has received approval from the VCA, the only system on the market to do so. As we reach the second half of 2019 and heading into 2020 we are developing new technologies and forming long standing relationships to take us to the next level.” Company: Vision Techniques Name: Charlotte Coop, Head of Marketing Address: Phoenix house, Phoenix Park, Blakewater Rd, Blackburn, BB1 5SJ, United Kingdom Website: www.vision-techniques.com Telephone: 01254 679 717

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