Q3 2019

23 | Q3 2019 May19078 The real estate industry is a weird beast indeed, torn between traditionalism and swift technological development. Over the last ten years, disruptors have emerged that spark a balance between the two, utilising new technologies to offer real-world solutions to the industry’s most prevalent problems. Moving home has long been considered one life’s most stressful events, which is why OneDome was established to streamline and simplify the process from the ground up – no easy task at all. Considering themselves a technology firm revolutionising home moving, OneDome have sought to provide a real solution, whilst acting as testament to the possibilities that technology could offer to the greater real estate industry. The answer is here, and the possibilities are – in myriad ways – endless. Indeed, for many on the housing ladder, the entire process is one fraught with difficulty and pitfalls, with any buyer or seller having to navigate around an industry which seems purpose-built for complexity. This is where OneDome steps in, uniting the many strands of the process under one, easy-to-manage roof. Instead of being outdated, clunky, and cumbersome, OneDome’s end-to-end transactional property portal connects everyone involved in the sale. It’s an idea that feels like it should have been implemented years ago, all things considered. It’s no surprise that OneDome was created from a place of frustration, and a simple idea that the industry could – and should – be better than it was. Technology, after all, is the great driver of change, and the real estate industry was certainly ripe for revolution. Perhaps nothing speaks more to OneDome’s OneDome : Providing, Simply, a Better Moving Experience OneDome is the UK’s first transactional property portal designed to make property buying and selling better for everyone. Following the company’s recognition in the SME 100 programme, where it was named the ‘Most Innovative Transactional Property Platform for 2019’, we took a closer look at OneDome to find out how they are revolutionizing this most traditional of sectors. message than the idea that they don’t see themselves as disruptors, charging in to the industry to set a better example. They consider themselves collaborators, helping the industry to evolve into modernity, into an altogether brighter, less stressful, future. Website: www.onedome.com Telephone: 020 3868 6262

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