Q3 2019

31 | Q3 2019 Aug19445 Master Crafted Digital Solutions “Unlike many other developers, we don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes by using open source systems, which have been designed for the masses, and then repackaging them as our own – which many companies do. We feel our clients deserve a more tailored service which is what we provide” - Ian Copeland Over the last seven years, Six Ticks have remained committed to a relatively simple idea: to level the digital playing field between large corporations and SMEs. Utilising a ‘dream team’ of nine industry experts, the company has swiftly forged a reputation for delivering exceptional digital solutions that kick-start and drive their client’s growth. After all, in this technology- centric age, a digital presence – whether that be a mobile app, website or anything in between – is invaluable and, arguably, vital to secure enduring success in any industry. However, where Six Ticks truly differentiates itself is in its capacity to understand, at the most fundamental of levels, the needs of their clients and how a specific solution can help their business to achieve ‘real-world’ goals. Ian takes a moment to explain this point in more detail. “We work closely with each client to gain a deep understanding of their business and how our bespoke mobile apps, websites, and CRM systems can make the business more efficient and help it to grow. We then build a custom system which ticks all the boxes for their individual business needs. “Our philosophies, or ‘six ticks’, define us: Flexible, Supportive, Efficient, Honest, Affordable, and Innovative.” As a result of their diligent approach, Six Ticks boasts an “extremely diverse” client base that allows the team to embrace creativity and flex their considerable skill. “From professional wrestlers, local councils, national charities, top law firms, and national soapbox racing events, we have ticked boxes for a range of businesses, building custom websites and systems to help them to achieve their individual business goals. Because of this, much of our business comes from referrals from previous clients which is a great testament to our work.” Ultimately, Six Ticks’ future is defined by growth, as the team welcome new members over the next year. “Six Ticks continues to grow, and we are looking forward to welcoming new team members in 2019/2020 to help us to continue to deliver amazing websites, apps, and systems to clients in the UK and beyond!” Company: Six Ticks Name: Ian Copeland Twitter: @Sixticks Facebook: facebook.com/SixTicks Address: 337 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 5PR, UK Website: www.sixticks.com Telephone: 0118 466 1466 Founded in 2012, Six Ticks have swiftly built a reputation for unquestionable expertise in developing custom websites, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) systems, mobile apps, and software. As SME’s ‘Recognised Leaders in Digital System Implementation’ for 2019, we were eager to speak to Ian Copeland, Managing Director, to find out more about the work and experience of the team.

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