Q3 2019

Q3 2019 | 7 UK’s Most Outstanding Hand-Drying Company of the Year’ for 2019 “The SAVORTEX EcoCurve 550D smart hand dryer supported our client, Gatwick Airport’s sustainability strategy. Dr. Zainab Dangana, Wates Smart Space. Each of the two hand-drying solutions have in-built sensors that report each dry to the web, wirelessly alerting cleaners to washrooms on footfall stats. The solutions come with a connected washroom management system that reduces clients’ operational costs by facilitating effective and responsive washroom cleaning. “This is Intel’s first foray into the hand drying sector. We are proud to work with SAVORTEX, co-developing a product which we can bring to market to drive great customer experiences” Rod O’Shea, EMEA IoT Group Director. Through their latest innovation, the revolutionary adDryer™, SAVORTEX use an in-built screen and connection to a content management system in order to show full-motion, tailored video messages in response to users drying their hands. This generates advertising revenues per dry, which is shared with the building’s owner, transforming washrooms from a cost centre to a profit centre. The adDryer installation at Camden Market, in its first month, saw 19 out of the 30 high value retail advertisers on site sign up to pay-per-view advertising at a rate of 5p per impression on 3 to 6-month contracts, demonstrating the potential scale of this hyper local advertising platform. It’s an all-round win for supplier, client, community and environment. “It is fantastic to see a British company leading the way in technological innovation. SAVORTEX is a forward thinking and dynamic company with a product range that will revolutionise the washroom sector.” said Martin McCourt ex-CEO – Dyson, now SAVORTEX’s senior advisor. Overall, SAVORTEX have designed a smart, sustainable, clean and smart hand-dryer range that is fit for commerce in the twenty-first century. The firm is set apart within the marketplace, having secured worldwide IP rights for its hand drying and data communications technology, they have firmly placed themselves as leaders of a smart, energy saving, digital revolution. The drive for constant innovation at SAVORTEX has resulted in a number of high-profile accolades and achievements, such as: • UK’s Most Outstanding Hand-Drying Company of the Year’ for 2019, awarded by SME news. • A British Manufacturers Award for its Smart innovation and transforming an industry to a service led business model • Guinness World Record for ‘Most Energy Efficient Hand Dryer’ Company: SAVORTEX Contact: Syed Ahmed Website: https://www.savortex.com/

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