Q3 2020

16 | Q3 2020 Mar20320 By Sea, Land and Air From foodstuffs, to toys, to aircraft equipment or even, in more recent months, vital PPE, LILA International Logistics is the go-to company for importing, exporting and cross trading goods on an international scale. With nearly 15 years in the industry, Managing Director Ian Antonio established LILA in 2018 as a ground-breaking freight forwarder firm that took an innovative, client-centric approach. Almost two years after the company’s inception, we took a closer look at this exciting young company. In a sector that many consider wellestablished and even commonplace, LILA International Logistics is a welcome breath of fresh air. Formed in late 2018, LILA is bringing innovation and enthusiasm to the table, and changing the way customers perceive the UK freight market. Operating from London Heathrow and offering bespoke importing, exporting and cross trading services via air, road and sea, LILA may be a young company, but it is one that has already witnessed exponential growth in the two years since its inception. Their establishment within the UK has been so successful that they recently won multiple contracts with the Department of Health and Social Care on behalf of the UK government to ship crucial PPE equipment from overseas, as part of the combative efforts against Covid-19. LILA’s mission is simple; to provide stress-free, economic and highly efficient freight forwarding and logistics services to their invaluable client base which extends across the globe. Offering tailored personal service and exceptional flexibility that is lacking in many larger companies within the forwarder industry, the experienced and dedicated team at LILA ensure reliability and customer satisfaction, being contactable at all hours and providing superior solutions to every member of their client base. Whether a customer be new to the business or a longstanding client, LILA ensures a great experience that is both timely and cost-effective. With nearly 15 years in the freight forwarding industry, Managing Director Ian Antonio is well aware of what makes the perfect team. By employing attentive and proactive staff who are fully committed to the company’s central ethos, LILA have been able to cultivate a team that is dedicated to providing excellence. For LILA, working as a supportive collaboration breeds enthusiasm, teamwork and cooperation that facilitates the highest standards of operation. LILA is able to pack and transport practically anything, from toys to brewing equipment to fabrics to e-liquids. In particular, LILA pride themselves on their specialist packing services for foodstuffs, for which they have a skilled warehouse team who chill pack foods for export before shipping to ensure goods stay at the required temperature range for 72-96 hours, regardless of the climate of the final destination. The other major industry LILA works closely with is automotive, with a large number of clients being leading suppliers of motor vehicles and parts within Europe, the Middle East, Caribbean, North America and South-East Asia. Offering HAZ packaging for shipping specialist goods such as these, LILA is well equipped to offer the highest standard of care when transporting clients’ goods. As a young company, LILA is still working hard to continue their exponential growth. Alongside approachable, helpful and informative staff that builds their client-conscious reputation, LILA constantly identifies potential new clients to further grow their business, by attending conferences, business meetings and industry events. At these events, the LILA business development team is able to pitch services and expertise as part of the efforts to expand their client portfolio. While the outbreak of the Covid-19 presented many challenges for the freight forwarder industry, Antonio and his resilient firm looked for opportunities to continue business activity. Being selected to handle and move specialist PPE equipment and goods worldwide on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care established LILA as a vital company within the freight market and allowed the business to continue thriving despite the global pandemic. As LILA looks to continue growing its team and client base in 2021, there is no doubt that the successful growth of this year will be significant. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this ambitious freight forwarder firm. Contact: James Mumford Company: LILA International Logistics Ltd Web Address: www.lilalogistics.co.uk