Q3 2020

6 | Q3 2020 Sep20017 Marketing Brilliance Your Marketing Guy (YMG) is dedicated to providing their customers with the easiest and most pleasant digital marketing experience. Not only do they provide affordable digital marketing packages and services, but their services are delivered in the most consumer-friendly form possible. A previously award-nominated digital marketing agency, YMG are the winners of Chelmsford’s Most Creative Digital Marketing Agency, 2020. We took a closer look at this award-winning firm to discover how the firm exudes brilliance in everything they do. With their motto of “the services you need, for as long as you want, at a price you’ll love”, it’s no surprise that their revolutionary new approach to digital marketing has taken the industry by storm. The Buy It Now Digital Marketing Store offered by YMG provides every service a business could need to enhance their online performance, from copywriting to website design, and everything in-between. Not only this, but YMG list the pricing of most of their services on the store – a rarity in their industry. When asked why this was the case, founder and managing director Nathan French had this to say: “Our aim for YMG is to provide the most customer-friendly and easy to use service possible. We know that many businesses won’t pursue digital marketing services, as the prices aren’t listed online. It’s usually something along the lines of ‘leave us your details and we’ll get back to you’, and we understand many business owners don’t like to waste people’s time, as they’re unsure how much these services cost. So, we wanted to cater to the businesses and their owners. After all, that’s why we do what we do. Our job is to help businesses reach the heights they deserve, and we want to provide that in the clearest and most convenient way possible.” Currently comprised of 25 different services, the Buy It Now Digital Marketing Store breaks them down into six areas: Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Content, Google Ads, and Lead Generation. Easy to navigate and welcoming to newcomers, this approach to providing digital marketing services is truly unique and creates and extremely pleasant service from start to finish. The opening line of the ‘about us’ section of YMG’s website states “Complete control is now back in your hands. No ifs, ands, or buts. No hidden fees, no strings attached.” With prices displayed upfront, clear information on if a service is monthly or a one-off, as well as a list of features and benefits for each service, we’re inclined to agree! Alongside their Buy It Now Digital Marketing Store, another standout feature presented by YMG is their Jargon Buster series. Jargon Buster consists of a series of blogs, all of which are designed to explain commonly used digital marketing terminology. Each entry highlights a term or phrase used by digital marketers, explains what they mean, and how they effect a business, the point of which is to help business owners understand what they’re buying into. This provides business owners and clients with a way to educate themselves about digital marketing in their own time, allowing them to make informed decision when committing to a purchase. Jargon buster is added to regularly, in line with YMG’s ambition to constantly and consistently help their audience gain a better understanding of digital marketing. Founded in 2018 by Olympian, Nathan French, YMG continues to help business up and down the country. From growing their online presence to reaching new customers, to helping educate business owners, YMG continues to push boundaries in the digital marketing industry and will do so in the years to come. As such, we simply can not wait to see what the future has in store for Chelmsford’s most creative digital marketing agency. Company: Your Marketing Guy (YMG) Telephone: 01245 943096 Email: hello@yourmarketingguy.co.uk Web Address: www.yourmarketingguy.co.uk