Q3 2021

10 | Q3 2021 Apr21649 Best Legal Strategist Law Firm – Greater Manchester Ikbal Solicitors, award winner at this year’s SME News Legal Awards, is a legal business transforming legal services from local to national through professional management for its clients. Ikbal uses critical thinking and traditional, conventional processes to achieve success, as we discover. Ikbal Solicitors’ specialist team is renowned for its ability to work to each client’s timeframe. They have an impressive range of resources that allows the firm to respond quickly to its clients, ensuring they are securely and efficiently taken care of through all their legal needs. Its service is seemingly flexible and can be scaled up or down depending upon requirements. The clients’ matters are run by a senior solicitor who will be the primary source of contact throughout the process, fulfilling the function of reducing the clients’ overall costs. Ikbal is a boutique law firm that specialises in civil, criminal, and commercial law. Its areas of expertise reside in business, construction, commercial, contract, debt, privacy/GDPR, disputes, negligence, transport, criminal, immigration, public, Shariah law and compliance wills and regulatory & compliance. Ikbal has the incomparable ability to close deals on the best terms achievable and offers additional specialist skills in commercial, tax, technology, GDPR and employment law. Ikbal can handle large or small matters with transparent and competitive pricing with cost indications always provided in advance of incurring fees. It is an open and upfront business with a direct and sincere aim to help clients with any service required promptly and respectfully. At our core is a combined collective of experience that distinguishes us from our larger competitors. The cohesive environment within our firm means each of our clients’ benefits from a wealth of expertise found in a leading city firm without sacrificing the personal touch and unique approach we endeavour to provide. The firm can solve problems and find immediate solutions that benefit a client or its clients’ business. Its solid academic roots and professional experience assist in providing legal and commercial solutions for businesses and achieving exceptional results. The values at Ikbal remain traditional yet innovative. Ikbal defines the inclusive experience by its clients as intuitive, imperative, progressive, and sincerely helpful in law matters. Overall, each meeting leads to solid relationships, original ideas, and a reputable, practical approach within the industry. As a result, Ikbal Solicitors has won the Global 100 2020 Award and SME 2020 Award for Excellence in Emerging Legal Services in Greater Manchester. Its newest addition is the Best Legal Strategist Law Firm 2021. The awards reflect its dedication and commitment to providing high-quality services at low prices. Ikbal believes that a legal case should not leave people financially compromised, and with that belief comes the aim of being the most affordable law firm within the country. Through its array of legal services and products, Ikbal can provide the best client care and prices with innovative leadership and management. Web Address: http://ikbalsolicitors.com/ Company: Ikbal Solicitors Address: Ikbal Solicitors, Ikbal House, 4 Top Street Oldham, OL4 2DR Contact Email: info@ikbalsolicitors.com Contact Number: 0161 221 4552