Q3 2021

12 | Q3 2021 Jun21643 UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Jun21643 Best Independent Collectable & First Editions Bookshop - Greater London Offering the most exemplary book buying and collecting experience in its industry, Goldsboro Books Limited operates online and offline to sate voracious readerships all over the world. With beautiful, well curated hardback and signed books, all of which have the potential to nearly triple in value over time, its clients can always expect to walk away with a true literary gem for their collection, guaranteed. The mission of Goldsboro Books Limited, since its founding, has been to provide the best signed, hardback, first-edition books to its clientele. Fundamentally, its expert team have been gathered around it for their first-hand and outstanding knowledge when it comes to book sales and book curation, applying the breadth and depth of their expertise to create a carefully organised selection in its London store and through its online bookshop. This allows it to ensure every customer has the best book buying experience possible. No matter what it is they seek, Goldsboro Books is confident that it will have something to their tastes, an element of its business model that has facilitated it in carving out its place as one of the leading independent bookshops in its region. Started on the basis of passion, drive, and enthusiasm, the two founders – David Headley and Daniel Gedeon – started the Goldsboro Books tradition in 1999. First and foremost, their ambition was to develop a business that could be built around their own expert eye for spotting a quality book almost as soon as it leaves the publisher, forever keeping their fingers on the pulse new of new books being added to this lucrative market. This has ensured that the London based business has garnered a worldwide reputation for excellence in its field, quickly making it a going concern amongst all elements of the market segment. Now, it is a globally admired and world-famous bookshop that has garnered the respect of collectors, publishers, and authors alike. Furthermore, this repute for brilliant service and operations has only grown over time; in 2013, Goldsboro Books had the privilege and honour of being the only bookshop in the world to host signed copies of The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith. This has been just one example of the many incidences of Goldsboro Books choosing books on their merit, not on the weight of the name of the author, and this principle has formed a sturdy backbone for the rest of its business that reassures its customers they will be able to find the greatest quality reads, every time. Additionally, it is committed to finding brave new titles and bold new authors that it can stock. It takes pleasure in introducing new talent to the market of readers who take advantage of its services, and with its knowledge and expertise emboldening it, Goldsboro Books has been able to create the UK’s largest first edition Book of the Month Club, which enables book enthusiasts an undaunting and friendly way to get into book collecting. This not only provides them with titles that the bookshop’s staff know they’ll love, but ensures they receive books that are truly worth collecting. Each month, a member is posted a title that has been carefully selected by the Goldsboro Books team; it strives to always pick something that will challenge, excite, and enthral a reader, happy to receive any comments, critiques, or concerns in order to continually grow and improve this service. Its book club – in addition to allowing customers to get hold of stunning books of great value – is available to anyone in all corners of the world, a perfect investment for those wishing to build a library of well curated collectibles that will provide a point of pride for them long into the future. It recognises that its customers demand quality, and it will therefore always strive to deliver this. Once again, it does this by keeping abreast of market trends and fluctuations, always ready to embrace a shift in the world around it and develop alongside the industry it serves with such love and such diligence. Its customers are thusly always able to see just how dedicated it is to its craft, and each laud its monumental efforts in ensuring that it can reach as many corners of the book-loving market as it can with its services, unwilling to rest until it can ensure that its books can reach everyone, everywhere. Goldsboro Books has, in this manner, faced many challenges related to setting this infrastructure up – for instance, meeting market demands can sometimes be troublesome, especially since market demand for one book may vary greatly to market demand for another. This also changes over time, making the market itself prone to incredible rates of alteration. However, its team has grown in order to ensure it is of a scale to be able to handle this, with each team member mirroring the tenacity and hardworking attitude of the founders in order to navigate such choppy waters with elegance and sophistication, always keeping the customer as the foremost concern.