Q3 2021

18 | Q3 2021 The Company Spicing Up Everyday Life Having grown out of the tumult of the pandemic by providing its customers with delicious, gourmet chilli sauces and products, Chilli No. 5 limited has become a recent favourite for at-home chefs wishing to experiment and explore. Being the ‘Best Gourmet Chilli Sauce Producer’ in 2021 for the United Kingdom, it has been living up to its name by serving the region and the wider world with an extensive, healthy, thoughtfully created range. Chilli No. 5 limited is the company behind the distribution and creation of the most extensively researched international chilli sauce brand. Fundamentally, this company has developed the goodwill it has amassed amongst its market segment by always driving itself forwards towards bigger and better flavour innovations, offering sauces, oils, and flakes that use the most natural ingredients. In addition, its products contain superfoods and health supplements that are distributed in packaging that has been designed to be highly sustainable. This is all part of Chilli No. 5’s commitment to both its clients and to the corporate environmental responsibility that it is always working towards upholding, sourcing everything from its ingredients to its packaging from ethical sites. Providing ‘gourmet chilli sauces for the bold, the brave, and the curious’, its product range will tantalise taste buds and bring any food to a whole new level. Furthermore, this applies to every flavour of chilli that it supplies, from classic spicy chilli oil to piri piri, sriracha, BBQ, jerk, Mexican, harissa, and Chinese spice options, all of which can be combined into a gift box selection for friends or family. Each of its products have been developed with the goal in mind of creating the tastiest, healthiest range of chilli sauce on the market, serving the international food lover with a friendly local mindset and making its mark on the hot sauce development industry. Each sauce, upon arrival, is contained in designer packaging that promises to make any spice cabinet look extra sophisticated. The element of pizazz gives the recipient an idea of the kind of excellence they can expect within, and indeed, the product never disappoints, with people delighted by the colour and taste of each product, earning it a vast list of return customers. Having added 6 natural health supplements to all of its sauces, they each contains 10-120 superfoods depending on the sauce itself. These can range in anything from white and black garlic to turmeric, red pepper, ginger, ginseng, guarana, and maca; and each superfood helps provide that extra kick of distinctive, delicious flavour that Chilli No. 5’s clients have come to know and love over the years. Operating on social media with a strong following, and with a website that gives any visitor an idea of the sophistication and excitement that sparks every operation within this company, its products can also be bought through Amazon, Etsy, and Google Shopping. Furthermore, it is always looking for more distributors who will help it to bring its amazing range to yet more clients. Offering healthy ingredients, sustainability, and complex superfood recipes, it has effectively set itself apart from its competition. Moreover, by following the brand manifesto and keeping the inspiration and excitement that forms Chilli No. 5’s beating heart at the forefront of their minds, its staff serve its customers with consistent helpfulness, friendliness, and empathy. Each of them is a strong believer in the product and business, and with their organisation and people skills, Chilli No. 5 thanks every one of them for their hard work in creating delicious gourmet sauces that are perfect for all manner of recipes and occasions, pleased to have helped its clients over the lockdowns to find their passion for cooking at home. Company: Chilli No. 5 limited Contact: Muriel Penoty Website: https://chilli-no5.com/