Q3 2021

Q3 2021 | 21 problems. It then optimises these models to look for patterns or configurations of parameters that human modellers may not even consider or have the patience to develop. The platform is data agnostic which means it has a very broad range of use cases. Importantly, the engine has been built to deliver output which can be used by the widest possible number of domain experts and not just for the benefit of data scientists. Typically, a real-world problem may have tens or even hundreds of millions of data points which must be analysed during the data modelling phase. In addition, there are tens of thousands of different machine learning models that may need to be considered before finalising the selection of the model. The range of permutations of these models and the inherent complexity within the data makes this a ‘beyond human scale’ problem. Bantham RADAR automates this process and can generate what would normally take a human weeks or months to achieve in just minutes or hours. In addition, while humans naturally tend to have biases, Bantham RADAR does not and intuitively automates a number of the critical steps required for successful AI applications, improving quality of output and speed of delivery. A recent real-world application involving 2,500 brain scans enabled the identification of different types of brain tumours with efficacy rates as high as 99.83%. The results were made possible after just two hours of machine ‘training’ and were delivered in a matter of a few minutes once training was complete. A larger sample size would inevitably have delivered even better results, enabling further fine tuning of input parameters. Ultimately, the benefits of Bantham RADAR to patient and clinician alike are both obvious and significant: including fewer mis-diagnoses, immediate validation of prior diagnosis and quicker illness detection, resulting in earlier treatment and ultimately improved patient outcomes. Company: Bantham Technologies Contact: Edward Belgeonne Email: edward@banthamtechnologies.com Website: www.banthamtechnologies.com Best Environmental Digital Technology Company 2021