Q3 2021

23 | Q2 2021 Jul21781 As a combination of Westway Demolition, Westway Waste, and Westway Asbestos, Westway Group is a versatile collection of companies that all have excellent expertise to serve many big clients as well as infrastructure projects throughout London and the UK. The group has now won Best Demolition & Asbestos Removal Business 2021 for its excellent and consistent efforts in the industry. Here we take a look at its sturdy foundation as well as its goals for the future. Established in 2018, Westway Group is a demolition company that has received several contracts from clients such as local authorities, TFL, and multi-million-pound construction companies. With over 40 years combined experience in the industry, Westway has quickly become a reputable company for its strip-outs, building demolition, waste management, and asbestos removal services. Its immense experience with removing all kinds of asbestos materials from community, industrial, and domestic buildings has proven its strength. No matter the building, there is a path for Westway to remove any and all asbestos to protect the people who are making use of the building. Westway is able to take on all non-licensable asbestos works in London and the surrounding areas. However, for any other work, Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors (LARC) can be provided by Westway through its many service providers that all work hard to ensure all work is carried out to a high standard, and all rates are agreed before the work commences. Its operators strip back the entire property which can then make room for any renovations, refurbishments, remodels, or simply a complete demolition. With its asbestos services, a full survey can be taken out before work commences. This is to guarantee the easy detection and swift removal of all asbestos before the entire demolition process can proceed. Westway is not just cut out for the entire removal of buildings, it is also able to ‘soft strip’ any partitions, false ceilings, and raised floors. It can also remove all mechanical and electrical plant and equipment where needed. Westway knows exactly how to carry out all of these jobs in the safest and most efficient way. Best Demolition & Asbestos Removals Business 2021 Westway has now set up offices in Southend-On- Sea and Covent Garden which have been ideal for it to be able to reach a larger client base. It has plans on opening a third office in the next 12 months. Its team of directors and construction workers have built a strong company that has lasted throughout an incredibly tough time. Throughout the pandemic, Westway has become a well-trusted construction company with more credibility than ever before. Its future looks bright as it continues to grow and expand despite the current climate. If you are looking for a highly professional, respectable, and understanding company to carry out your demolition needs, as well as any waste and asbestos management, Westway is the best way for a pristine outcome. Contact: Colin Gallagher Company: Westway Group Web Address: http://www.westwaygroupuk.com/