Q3 2021

25 | Q2 2021 Jul21690 Implementing comprehensive and effective people management and development practices can be no small feat but, with the right support, businesses can see exceptional results. KR HR & Training Consultancy Ltd, one such source of expertise, has won Best HR & Training Consultancy, 2021 – UK. We talk to Director Kathryn Roynon to find out more about how it helps a variety of SMEs. KR HR & Training Consultancy Ltd has been engaging with SMEs and charities across the UK since it was established in 2016. It directly helps them to develop their people management practices and training provision, using its extensive experience and expertise in human resources to help clients achieve their goals. As Founder and Director of KR HR, Kathryn Roynon has found a way of delivering HR and training services to businesses from an experienced perspective. Kathryn says, “I now use my experience to help local organisations in and around Wiltshire to achieve their goals by getting the best out of their most important asset: their people.” Kathryn Roynon is a chartered member of CIPD and fellow of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and has worked in HR for over twenty years, covering senior roles in training, recruitment and HR management in the commercial, charity, and education sectors. One of the most important things about KR HR is that it is giving SMEs the chance to grow in Put Your Best Foot Forward such competitive markets. She tells us, “KR HR & Training Consultancy was created to give smaller businesses and charities access to the same strategic HR expertise as business leaders in larger organisations.” By working closely with clients to develop their ideas and understand their needs, KR HR is able to help them to focus their efforts onto their employees for a stronger and more inclusive future. Kathryn elaborates, “We support businesses at every step of the journey, from a start-up taking on their first employee, to handling mergers and acquisitions, to designing and delivering induction and training programmes. There’s a no “one size fits all” approach.” KR HR provides a ‘HR Health Check’ that helps it to better understand what is already in place for each of the companies and charities that it works with. This allows it to develop the best strategies going forward. “Using a simple traffic-light system, we produce a summary report to highlight and agree actions with the business owner. From there, we can build on really adding value by identifying core values”, Kathryn shares. KR HR’s clients are the heartbeat of the company, and when it comes to the work it does, Kathryn says, “We collaborate rather than compete with others, sharing opportunities with specialists in our network that play to each other’s strengths and creating the best outcomes for our clients.” KR HR’s favourite project of the past year has been that of supporting Swindon & Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership “to expand its Growth Hub services to support local businesses through this period. We developed and delivered an online recruitment process,” adds Kathryn. Indeed, her firm had to adapt itself to fit around the fact that businesses have had to move to online platforms, and it has done this both quickly and effectively. For the future, KR HR is continuing to help businesses to restore their business health. After a busy year, Kathryn further addresses COVID-19 matters: “We were focused on working with businesses to restructure, furlough staff and, sadly, in some cases make redundancies.” As things are now on an upward trajectory, people are going back to work, and individuals are getting new jobs again, KR HR is here to help a wide variety of clients looking to adapt to the current climate. With all of its staff members undertaking various qualifications to be able to offer the best support to clients, KR HR has built a strong force of individuals who make a huge difference to the livelihood of any business it works with. From small steps to large strides, KR HR & Training Consultancy is a reliable buttress for any business. Contact: Kathryn Roynon Company: KR HR & Training Consultancy Ltd Web Address: www.krhrconsultancy.co.uk