Q3 2021

28 | Q3 2021 Best Adult Learning Disability Support Charity – West Yorkshire Mayfield Trust is a local charity for local people and Calderdale has been its home since it began operating in 1950. It boasts 71 years’ experience in helping people live life to the full and was the first charity in Calderdale to offer this support, with the aim of creating an open and caring environment which promotes choice, independence, person- centred care and active citizenship. A person-centric charity, everything Mayfield Trust does is focused on what people want and it aligns its services to each person individually, including providing support to people in their homes for those who require it. Mayfield Trust provides tailored support by involving the individual during initial interview, and works alongside them to empower their identity. All staff are expected to remove all barriers and stigma associated with needing support in order to provide a service that is as person-centred and enriching as possible. Mayfield Trust does not believe in a one-size- fits-all model of care. Its staff are trained inhouse using unique, responsive methods, in addition to mandatory training. Its senior management care team offer observational visits and advise on behavioural interventions, individual approaches, building confidence and emotional resilience, person-centred care planning, and aspirational future planning. Together, the team includes learning disability nurses, behavioural specialists and experienced mentors who have knowledge and experience working across all care sectors: learning disability, low and medium secure services, forensic, mental health, the elderly, children, residential, nursing, supported living, day care, and outreach. Mayfield Trust supports individuals in its care with inclusivity and kindness, whilst holding an open and non-subjective view on what is purposeful to them. Purpose is what drives us, but people with learning disabilities are often landed with an ‘assumed purpose’ which doesn’t give them fulfilment. By supporting their ‘true’ purposeful outcomes individually, Mayfield Trust unlocks the door for increased motivation and self-esteem, and positive wellbeing and quality of life. Jul21671 Health and social care is an ever-evolving service provision – life does not stand still, nor do standards, opportunities or expectations – and it is important that Mayfield Trust’s team embraces positive change in order to always provide the best support and care possible. It was until 2005 that Mayfield Trust was affiliated with MENCAP and it was known as Calderdale MENCAP. Led by the changing needs and wishes of the people it supports, and as a result of MENCAP no longer wanting to maintain this affiliation, Calderdale MENCAP changed its name to Mayfield Trust, although it still remains true to its aims and values in common with MENCAP and other charities which support people with a learning disability. Pre-1946, the days before MENCAP and Mayfield Trust, there were no community-based services for people with learning disabilities. The vast majority of families were left to cope on their own, with most taking the only support option available – committing their children to mental institutions where they were sadly forgotten by society. In the 1950s and 60s, things were beginning to improve with the formation of parent support groups, but life was still extremely difficult for most people. There were no ‘special schools’, therefore