Q3 2021

34 | Q3 2021 Innovative Digital Marketing Delivery For a sustainable and exciting future for brands everywhere, there’s a place to go for a highly unique experience in Digital Marketing support and brand endorsement. Digital Mojito Limited is now celebrating Best Digital Marketing Firm, 2021 – London. By talking to Co-Founder Josh Littler, we are able to take a deeper look at its services that have surpassed its competitors and developed its admirable reputation. Established in 2016, Digital Mojito is a UK-based, bespoke, Advertiser Network and Agency that lends its selection of services to a range of customers across a variety of sectors. It crafts an unrivalled practice that ultimately helps the customer to achieve a higher level of traffic for their products and services. Co-Founder Josh Littler tells us, “We proudly specialise in Subscription-based products and premium brands on a 100% performance- based setup”. Initially, by presenting its consultancy services to a wide audience, Digital Mojito is optimising the customer experience by working with them to fine-tune their needs. It provides an unbiased and focused review of each customer’s business, from the foundation of their structure to the overall presentation of their brand. After this review, Digital Mojito will address any opportunities for improvement and strive to develop the brand with the continued input of the customer. Its affiliate marketing helps industry-leading, subscription-based and premium brands to expand their customer base and produce more revenue. Digital Mojito tailors each marketing plan to a highly focused level, tapping into a global network of fully compliant associates. With its “Transparency Promise”, Digital Mojito is promoting brands and products in a way that helps them to gain insight combined with higher amounts of traffic than before and, with its openness, they are partnering up with everyone they work with in a way that has no blind strategies, hidden costs or surprises. Digital Mojito’s transparency scheme ensures their clients know how, when and via which partner their product is being promoted. Josh says, “Our advertisers don’t pay expensive setup fees, integration costs, monthly Mar21136 management costs or overrides etc. Instead, we take a margin from the standard CPA/CPL/ CPS (Cost-Per-Action/Cost-Per-Lead/Cost- Per-Sale).” By reducing its overall fees, Digital Mojito is giving the chance of brand promotion and increased sales for a competitive rate. This allows customers to experience a high level of customer service and digital marketing skills that ultimately change the trajectory of their businesses and their reputation. Giving customers the opportunity to track the activity with its analytics and costs, Digital Mojito is taking its transparency to the next level. Promoting each brand to its “network of partners in a wide variety of sectors”, Digital Mojito is offering the opportunity for brands to grow exponentially and permanently with full insight and involvement in their marketing campaign. Digital Mojito’s approach depends on the customer, as it works with its unique selling point of being a bespoke and unique business that tailors each experience to the goals of its customer. Josh comments, We don’t believe in aggressive sales strategies or pitches to close new advertisers’ business. We use a simple, but meticulous approach to understand what the client could looking for and we base our introduction on that.” As aggressive sales strategies only intimidate and even annoy businesses, Digital Mojito is promoting its services in a more respectful and structurally sound way. This draws customers in and forms long-lasting relationships. Josh shares, “We have a very high response rate, and the majority of the time, the relevant contact in that company will request a follow-up call to go over our service offering in detail.” In an article written by Pippa Conway from CJ Affiliate, for Commission Junction, Josh talks about the impact that COVID-19 has had on the business and what the future has in store for it. In the article, Josh says that 2020 had been “Insightful. The first quarter of the year was unlike any other. Little did we know what COVID would bring to the table as it flipped the world upside-down”. Upon reflection, Josh is saying that the industry has been through a lot of turmoil over the past year, however, they have been “fascinated at how out advertisers have adapted to the sudden change imposed on us all in 2020.” Digital Mojito has noticed a large change from traditional offline marketing to more of an online presence as COVID forced people to work from home if possible. In relation to the increase of online traffic, Josh tells us, “A 300% increase in the industry has meant we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with new merchants. Thus, further amplifying our service offering as a publisher and agency, which in return supports our growing portfolio of clients.” Digital Mojito has a variety of customers over an assortment of industries, and it has worked hard to gain these clients with a team of dedicated individuals. Josh admits, “At Digital Mojito, we’ve needed to be exceptionally good listeners, but most importantly we have had to take a more agile approach regarding our advertisers’ campaigns without compromising on quality of performance.” This has all led Digital Mojito to an increased revenue for themselves and the people it works with. Due to this shift from offline to online, Digital Mojito has had an influx of new customers that have come from “entertainment, health, beauty, fitness, nutrition, food, and lifestyle industries.” These industries could be flourishing due to lockdowns everywhere. And, in response, Digital Mojito is helping them to reach a wider audience. For convenience, Digital Mojito has formed a link between the customer and what they