Q3 2021

36 | Q3 2021 Jul21557 Beauty, Inside and Out. Pinky’s Beauty, winner of the Most Trusted for Beauty and Hair Services award 2021, is the first salon of its kind in the Medway towns to bring together a collective group of highly skilled businesswomen offering a multitude of beauty treatments under one roof. Initially, Pinky’s Beauty was a small home-based nail salon. However, with many clients asking for additional recommended services, it was then that Pinky’s brought together an elite group of women to offer a complete list of holistic services. Consequently, Pinky’s has expanded to Pinky’s Hair and The Pink Clinic, which combined, offers over 450 treatments, comprised of the latest in non -surgical cosmetic aesthetic procedures, including the award-winning CACI Synergy Machine, Cryolypolysis, aesthetic treatments, SNS Nails, Lycon Waxing, the skin pen, Ayurvedic massage treatments, LVL, Lash Enhancement and everyday beauty treatments. It aims to remain at the head of the game by ensuring it is the first to introduce new cutting- edge treatments to the market. Additionally, Pinky’s Hair offers the most current trends within the hair industry, including Brazilian blow-dry, Wellaplex, and a complete range of hair extensions. Pinky’s Hair has six colour technicians and is the only blow-dry bar in Medway, specialising in wedding and occasion hair. Furthermore, Pinky’s has recently introduced aesthetic-led cosmetic brand, Allumier MD, to combine holistic prescription-only therapy delivered by an experienced nurse. Its two specialist nurses and its prescribing practitioner (MBE) offer highly skilled, safe, and clinical treatments with EHO sign off. This ensures that in an industry with few regulations, standards are kept as high as possible. Pinky’s core value is to ensure that every client is treated as an individual. It has always been imperative that Pinky’s was not just another ‘take a seat’ salon where clients are passed through on a conveyer belt system one after another. This core value has ensured the business’s success, and has created a welcoming and homely environment for all who enter. Essentially, its USP is not only client care but that it can tailor to every possible aesthetic or beauty need. Whether clients are looking for nail services, massage, hair, or aesthetics, they can find them all under the same roof and from skilled practitioners, safely knowing that they are committed to Pinky’s high standard of care. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the beauty and salon industry saw terrible disruption and Pinky’s had to temporarily shut its doors due to government legislation. However, Pinky’s utilised this time as an opportunity to contribute to its local community. Pinky’s supplied Medway Hospital with over 1000 samples of Eve Taylor hand cream and its in-house brand, donated all remaining PPE to Medway ICU and the Covid wards at the hospital and gave free manicures and pedicures for hardworking NHS staff in the brief periods it was able to open. It heightened a sense of spirit within the community, and the team members felt a sense of satisfaction being able to give back. The time away from the salon also give the Pinky’s team adequate thinking space to work on becoming a sustainable salon. As a result, the salon has recently become a refill hub for plastic- free, vegan-friendly, and environmentally friendly household and beauty products and has managed to lead the local industry to work towards recycling 80% of its salon waste through the Green Salon Collective. The future of Pinky’s is to continue to work toward a fully sustainable salon alongside a range of community projects that help within its local community. For Pinky’s, the measure of a successful business is not all about the finances or how many clients it has. The impact and changes it has had on the industry and all the positive work to support the community. It is the training and support of each staff member, allowing their personal and professional developments to flourish, that is the marker of success, and that has become the foundation of the Pinky’s Training School which is soon to come to life. From small-time kitchen table business to multi-award-winning salon, Pinky’s has led the way in pioneering beauty treatments in the South East. Training, support, encouragement, and development are the fundamental pillars that keep it at the top of its field. More than just beauty, Pinky’s is a community of support and prides itself on helping women feel unique about themselves. We hope it will continue to do so for many years to come. Company Name: Pinkys Beauty Ltd. Web Address: www.pinkysbeauty.co.uk Contact Email: hello@pinkysbeauty.co.uk