Q3 2021

38 | Q3 2021 Jul21458 Step Into The Limelight With Delta For brand marketing, Delta Marketing has something for everyone wishing to broaden their portfolio of customers as well as overall return on investment (ROI). It has now achieved Best Marketing Agency of the Year, 2021 – London and will only continue to grow and expand across a plethora of industries. Let’s look a little closer at what it does and how it has won this award for its excellent services. With over 20 years of experience in the Marketing Industry, Delta Marketing has become the Best Marketing Agency of the Year in the London area, 2021. It believes every penny counts for ambitious, start-ups and does everything it can to supply innovative and original solutions to all marketing needs. Delta’s founder Jamie Venerus has worked with some of the biggest brands, and has discovered and unlocked secrets of the trade which it is willing to share with SMEs that would not normally have access to that kind of experience. As stated on its website, Delta is “delivering all aspects of marketing, branding, social media, digital, marketing, advertising, and design.” Delta is changing the way SMEs experience the marketing industry. By being results and outcomes orientated, it is important to Delta to be able to create more revenue and highly focused attention for each of its clients. Big brands know what they are doing, and Delta can offer tips and tricks as well as its deep wealth of knowledge of the marketing industry to SMEs. Its culture is that of family, flexibility and adaptability and a drive for continued success. MD & Founder, Jamie Venerus, tells us that Delta is inspired to improve the quality of marketing advice as well as investing in the things that can enhance marketing advice. Truly putting people first and demonstrating empathy is the central aspect of Delta’s ethos and mission. Delta’s team has worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK and won awards from IPA, Marketing Society, and Cannes, it is blazing a trail of success in everything it does. Delta’s team includes experience working with DFS, Shell, British Army, Fiat, JD Sports, and the Co-op. It has seen the difference between working with large and small clients and would like to be able to shower those smaller businesses with the wisdom surrounding their industries. Jamie says, “Marketing is about connecting a company to its customers”. With this view, backed by its people-centric approach, Delta is ensuring that its clients are investing their money in the right way. Its desire propels it forwards as it works on improving the quality of marketing advice for SMEs. Although social media and Google is brilliant for advertising, their algorithms mean that SMEs come into contact with a lot of challenges and sub-optimal performance. Delta is great at using all marketing techniques to drive incremental growth, with which SMEs can get noticed by having a better presence on the web. “With the support of Delta, SMEs can see up to +20% improvement on these platforms,” says Jamie. As a lot of companies have had to move to an online platform due to COVID-19, the need for digital marketing has significantly increased. This is no problem for Delta Marketing as it has the expertise to aid every one of its clients in their evolution to digital mediums, ensuring continued and sustainable success now and for the future. Contact: Jamie Venerus Company: Delta Marketing Web Address: www.wearedelta.co.uk