Q3 2021

42 | Q3 2021 Jul21267 Best Italian Property Buyer’s Agents 2021 Property Organiser is a London based agency that provides access to exquisite properties across London and Italy. Over the last few years, it has gained an impressive reputation for quality and customer service. Here, we take a look at how a wealth of industry experience has allowed the team to achieve such success in SME News’ UK Enterprise Awards 2021. As a bespoke service provider to clients all over Europe, Property Organiser (PO) has become the go- to partner for many when it comes to reducing the anxiety around searching for and acquiring a property. The team offer a seamless experience, built on a wealth of local knowledge, that ensures total satisfaction for their clients. As an independent firm, PO considers its role to be the presentation of the widest possible selection of properties that match a client’s individual desires. The team are not an estate agency, but buyers’ agents. Their focus is always on what the client wants from a property. To get an idea of what they are looking for, the choice is narrowed down through an in- depth consultation and a property search that is completely unique to each customer. This approach has started many property journeys over the years, and almost always ends with the ownership of a dream house. Over the years, the team has built up an extensive array of property specialists able to tackle any challenges that might arise. Based in both the UK and Italy, they have a deep understanding of the industry and can handle every aspect of the process in a timely and experienced manner. There are some places that simply cannot be found without the incredible local knowledge amassed by this astonishing team. From the first point of contact through to the final sign off on a completed property, they are at your side. The team at PO pride themselves not just on being a business partner, but a partner who builds a strong relationship with a client. One of the reasons that PO has achieved such success is because the team works alongside an international clientele. Every property specialist speaks English and at least one more language, including Italian, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Arabic. In addition, PO has the power to translate all of the customer’s documents into their language. This attention to detail is part of what makes PO such a smooth operation. The impressive level of trust built up over the years was a major benefit during the COVID-19 pandemic. It quickly became impossible for clients to visit Italy, and their potential dream home. Thanks to the trust in PO, dozens of clients bought their properties without seeing them once. The specialist property consultants went to viewings, checked properties, took pictures and videos and acted, in essence, as the client. There were no complaints about this approach, and it has opened the doors to more flexible operation for all. Naturally, the team are always working on new ways of reaching out to clients, which is no easy task given the changing world in which we live. The team often shares news on its social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and is proud to have one of the most read newsletters in the industry. This is how the team keep their clients updated on the intricacies of the Italian property market, both before, during and after any preaches are made. This commitment to connection with clients at all times will soon be supported by a series of seminars and zoom meetings with the firm’s impressive CEO Stefania Russo. These meetings will cover the topics of how to buy a home in Italy, and everything that is related to the property purchase. Locating a property that ticks all the boxes can be a major challenge, but with PO you can be sure to find something that fits every desire you might have, with the support of some of the industry’s finest. Thanks to their personal and professional services, PO ensures that no one has to miss out on securing their dream home. Contact: Stefania Russo Web Address: www.propertyorganiser.co.uk