Q3 2021

43 | Q2 2021 Elle Baldry, the winner of the Best in Business Process Consulting 2021, established her company; Elle Baldry Consulting, to provide businesses with the benefit of her expertise on the backbone of any business: the processes and systems that are in use. She introduces often overwhelmed business owners to the joys of automation, proving once and for all that a work-life balance isn’t a myth. Elle has a simple yet powerful mission: to teach business owners to feel empowered enough to choose life over work more often. Elle Baldry Consulting was established by way of celebration of founder Elle Baldry’s 30th birthday, “I wondered what the freedom working for myself could bring, and after suffering burnout in my previous career, I found my passion - being productive and not busy. We’ve all been in the cycle of work, work, work as we try to develop our offer whilst managing our clients and prospects for a new business. The difference for me is that I already know the pitfalls of not having robust systems and processes in place and how to fix that.” Using this knowledge, Elle wanted to help creative minded, service-based businesses (both well established and start-ups) free up more of their schedule to enjoy their downtime. Elle explains, “Whether clients choose to use that time to concentrate on different areas of business (fixing finances, marketing masterpieces, or tackling taxes) or to spend quality time with family and friends, I’ll just be happy that they will have the time to do what they choose rather than feeling ambushed by admin.” Working with small businesses around the UK, Elle uses her expertise to empower her clients to overthrow the business admin tasks monster. At its inception, the initial direction she wanted to go in wasn’t a blanket one size fits all approach. The integrity for finding the right solutions for clients and their needs and desires are at the heart of the company ethos. Being empathetic and approachable has allowed Elle to inspire change and address her client’s business needs and processes by building on what they already have to allow growth and further success. Elle is a firm believer that having the ability to scale without drowning in admin is essential. Elle demonstrates to clients that it is possible to have balance and to feel empowered in the choice to embrace that. Using technology to remove the burden is a passion for Elle, who states, “I believe with every fibre of my The Balancing Act with Elle Baldry. being that a hatred of admin should never quell someone’s passion.” Some clients say her USP is Elle’s sense of humour and utter geekiness for tech and process; others say it’s her no-nonsense approach to getting the job done. Elle’s desire for setting clients free from business ownership and day-to-day admin ties is what drives her. Elle has a varied list of industries on her client books, but each has very similar personality types; introverted, sometimes sarcastic, and friendly creatives who want their freedom again. Due to working in the fringes of the creative industries, Elle lost an entire pipeline of work early in the pandemic when the UK went into lockdown. Like many, she had to restructure her business overnight as she wasn’t eligible for support. She began hosting charity quizzes and online games nights to make ends meet. While lockdown continued, Elle began streamlining her offering to widen her niche. With a successful re-launch in July 2020, things have gone from strength to strength. Elle is connecting with audiences and networks more intentionally and clearly having a blast doing it. Business owners have realised the importance of having the right processes, systems, and staff in place to keep a more family-focused lifestyle, and Elle is there to help them take their businesses to new heights. Elle is currently undertaking a new certification in software that will help more businesses than ever and will enable her company to work with trades and creatives to discover the most suitable software options for them. Additionally, Elle is planning on expanding her team within the next six months by bringing process mapping and SOPS to the forefront of her client’s priorities. Company Name: Elle Baldry Consulting Contact Name: Elle Baldry Web Address: www.ellebaldry.co.uk Contact Email: elle@ellebaldry.co.uk Jul21070