Q3 2021

48 | Q3 2021 Jun21329 Find A Little Beauty In Everything If you’re looking for somewhere to gather the latest news on trends in the fashion industry alongside the finest quality beauty products, you needn’t look any further. Founded in 2016, A Little Find has been building itself an excellent reputation as the ultimate destination for all things beauty. Now, it has been awarded as the Most Outstanding Beauty and Wellness Shop, 2021 – London at the SME Business Elite Awards 2021. A Little Find is the place to discover some of the best beauty products and trends. There is something for everyone; it supplies products for men, women, children, and babies. Founder Caroline Jacobs informs us, “We cater for everyone but of course we can see that we have some specific customer profiles who come to A Little Find because they appreciate our extensive range of independent brands that we represent.” Word travels fast about the latest trends and beauty products, thanks to A Little Find and its fantastic social media presence, not to mention its loyal customers who recommend it to their friends and family. By using both social media and newsletters, A Little Find is able to spread information coherently and with the most modern trends in mind. With interviews and talks about specific topics, A Little Find interacts with brand founders and members who share what they are doing in the industry, thereby connecting customers with brands on a more personal level. Its team is a passionate and enthusiastic family of entrepreneurs who, in Caroline’s words, “are capable of thinking outside the box and who can work in a fast-paced environment.” Its team members all provide support and valuable aspects to A Little Find’s presence. Caroline continues, “We have a company culture that is friendly, collaborative, creative, and leaves room for everyone to develop.” A Little Find is the place to find eco-friendly products from eco-conscious brands. As it only stocks responsibly-sourced and eco-conscious products, it is making a huge difference with what it does. Caroline finds the most covetable, beautifully designed products from brands that are conscious of their impact on the planet, and this is truly reflective of A Little Find’s mission. It is centred around finding the best products to offer: products from natural resources and ingredient, that are equally as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to boot. A Little Find’s determination to allow people to enjoy beauty without the guilt goes even further. It uses innovative practices such as compostable packaging, or reef-safe sun creams that prevent the bleaching of coral reefs. Meanwhile, the shop’s commitment to cruelty-free beauty also ensures that its products are vegan and have not been tested on animals. It is the details like this that really make a difference to the planet and the way we see beauty products. As a partner of 1% For The Planet, a percentage of A Little Find’s sales go towards the protection of the environment as well as social initiatives across the UK. Moreover, many of its partnered brands have charitable donations at their core. This is something that A Little Find considers to be important when choosing who to work with. The Find Magazine is an online publication where A Little Find posts tips and advice on the latest beauty trends and popular products. It also promotes ‘Self-Care Awareness Month’ with advice on how best to look after yourself for each season. It has been featured in The Guardian, Metro, The Telegraph, and The Sunday Times: Style Magazine. As a plus, A Little Find offers 10% off its entire line of products, for the first order, when a customer signs up to its newsletter. It also offers free UK delivery on orders over £30, which is another incentive for potential and existing customers. From this great offer, to its line of fabulous products, to the knowledge that the shop is doing its bit from the planet, this truly is guilt-free shopping! Contact: Caroline Jacobs Company: A LITTLE FIND Web Address: www.alittlefind.com