Q3 2021

49 | Q2 2021 Jun21257 For a distinguished food experience, there is a place that includes everyone’s taste. The Fat Pizza has just won Best Fresh Pizzeria, 2021 – Essex. We take a closer look at the kind of food that it serves and what it is doing to make a difference to the industry. Serving up some of the best food in Essex, The Fat Pizza produces the best, freshest and most delicious pizzas in the area. Prepared on demand and by the hands of a team of experts, The Fat Pizza’s pizzas are customizable to suit even the most bizarre and niche of customer tastes. From deep pan, thin crust, or cheese crust bases to a complete smorgasbord of possible toppings, customers’ imaginations are given the freedom to run wild and create the pizza that they really want. Once the decision is made, the pizzas are fired and served immediately – you can’t get much fresher than that! Despite its name, The Fat Pizza offering is not limited to pizza, with a menu that also includes everything from gourmet burgers to chicken, garlic bread to a selection of potato products and sweet dishes. Visitors come from all over to indulge in the Fat Pizza’s offerings of real gelato sundaes, waffles, topped cookie dough, amazing milkshakes and Tango Ice Blasts to boot. With something for everybody, The Fat Pizza has become well-known for its inclusive menu that even supplies vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free pizzas. As a result of the pandemic, the company has made some subtle but crucial changes to its systems. For example, The Fat Pizza implemented contactless delivery and reviewed its hygiene protocols, ensuring they met the highest standards so that the team could continue making pizzas and customers could continue enjoying them safely. This adjustment has meant that people can still order their favourite food without being at risk. This has made a huge difference to everyone, especially to vulnerable people who may have otherwise had no access to food supplies without the help of family and friends who go shopping for their supplies. The Fat Pizza has been dedicated to ensuring that its loyal customers can continue enjoying the best pizza around, safe in the knowledge that the team has their safety and best interests at heart. It’s a Pizza Paradise To that end, The Fat Pizza has also introduced sustainability initiatives that have the power to make a huge difference in the food industry. These initiatives include encouraging carbon free dining, and, for 99p, letting any customer can plant a tree through The Fat Pizza. It is also providing seaweed extract sauce packets with its meals. This is a novel idea that it is experimenting with, but The Fat Pizza is hopeful that it is one will catch on in the industry if enough people support and endorse it. It is clear to see that for The Fat Pizza, it is not just about the pizza. Having expanded as a franchise from four shops only a year ago to 27 stores today and another 30 either being built or going through permissions, Fat Pizza is demonstrating clear ambition for the years ahead. It is about forming better ideas for the future, about providing new and existing customers with quality food that will satisfy their hunger for food and about contributing to a greener environment for us all. And, well, it is about pizza too – the freshest, most delicious pizza to be found in Essex, recognised this year at the SME Business Elite Awards. Contact: Sundeep Singh Chhina Company: The Fat Pizza Web Address: www.thefatpizza.co.uk