Q3 2021

50 | Q3 2021 Jun21217 New Tricks For All Ages For somewhere to relax, reconnect, and discover the magic side of life, Houdini’s Magic Bar is offering its customers a place to both unwind and find something that will leave them in awe. It has won Most Outstanding Specialist Bar, 2021 – Kent for its incredible efforts and unrivalled service. Here we take a look at what it has on offer for a fun packed evening with family and friends. First established in the very centre of Canterbury, Kent, Houdini’s Magic Bar has become the heartbeat of the city’s nightlife. Having dominated the cultural stage of Canterbury, the bar has since expanded its premises to include a trendy hotspot in the coastal town of Broadstairs too, ensuring that there is plenty of magic to go around! With around 23 different magicians that all provide the best magic tricks for an unforgettable experience, Houdini’s is helping its customers to create the best memories. The variety of magicians all supply Houdini’s with a distinguished mix of incredible, show-stopping tricks. The tricks range from slight-of-hand, coin, and card tricks to more dangerous tricks involving fire and knives, all sure to shock and amaze! Houdini’s has hosted themed evenings for Valentine’s Day and Halloween, as well as hosting themed events such as Peaky Blinders Evening, Moulin Rouge, Retro Rewind, Roaring 20’s, Speakeasy, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and more. Customers can even hire the venue for private parties and children’s parties. It hosts themed events and weekly themed nights that will not only blow customers away, but leave them feeling utterly inspired. For those eager to don their own top hat (with or without the rabbit) and have a go for themselves, Houdini’s offers exclusive and exciting masterclasses for great prices, as well as gift cards for people to purchase for their friends and loved ones. These gift cards are redeemable in both locations. Its masterclasses involve mixing and making both classy and delicious cocktails. In addition to this, Houdini’s team of magicians teach the customers some fun magic tricks that customers can take home and impress their friends and family with. Customers can learn two magic effects taught by experts and they can even take home a certificate. All of this is accompanied by live music and snacks. The bar’s many happy customers have given Houdini’s a five-star rating on TripAdvisor and it will continue to live up to its reputation by keeping their magicians happy and by providing them with a space where they can learn and grow as artists. Houdini’s social media pages really showcase everything that it does for its customers. Its Instagram page keeps it image fresh and fun, as well as being informative on the kinds of drinks it serves. Providing customers with event information and clips of its niche events, it has created a unique presence online as well as in person. Therefore, for an evening that is sure to put a spell on you, don’t miss a trick and head to Houdini’s Magic Bar today! Company: Houdini’s Magic Bar Web Address: www.houdinis.co.uk